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I didn’t post an income report for April and May. Since I have promised myself to be very transparent with the growth of this blog, this post will cover the incomes of April and May. 

Income report for April – 

Total hours worked  –  43 hours 3 mins

Total amount billed  –   $301.34 (approx. 19,100 INR) 

Income report for May 

Total hours worked  –  138 hours 35 mins

Total amount billed  –  $970.08 ( approx . 61,400 INR)


As you can see there was a huge fluctuation in my income during the previous two months. That is one of the downsides of being a freelancer. 


I could have easily hit 160 hours last month. I moved to a new place during the end of last month. At least 3 days was wasted on moving to a new place. Moreover, I didn’t have my laptop for like 3 days from May 1st till May 3rd. It had to be repaired.


And the month of June has been going great so far, despite many hindrances to my work. I have already netted $500 till 19th June. I should be able to hit at least $1000 this month, my highest expected income so far. Let’s see how it goes.


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