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Why Leapforce/Appen/Raterlabs or Lionbridge May Reject Your Application.

Why Leapforce/Appen/Raterlabs or Lionbridge May Reject Your Application.

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I get emails and comments everyday saying Leapforce (now Appen) is yet to get back to me. The frequent complaint that I get almost daily is that it has been months since I applied, but there has been no response from Appen yet

. In this post, I am going to dissect some of the probable reasons as to why Appen may not have gotten back to you or have probably rejected your application. That being said, a lot of my referrals have gone on to qualify for the tests and work for Appen as Search Engine Evaluator or Social Media Evaluator. I see a lot of newbies inside Leapforce forum introducing themselves and saying hello.

Just to give you a heads up, I am not an HR from Leapforce. I am just a worker with Appen. The reasons mentioned below may or may not be true. But I am pretty confident that I won’t be way off the mark.

The reasons mentioned here may be true for Lionbridge and Raterlans as well.

  1. More Than One Application from one IP address – 

People make this serious mistake while applying for Leapforce or any other related companies. In case of Leapforce, it is clearly mentioned in the application page that only one person per IP address is allowed to work for this position. Here is the screenshot from their application page if you don’t believe me. I don’t know as to why some people can’t even see such a clearly written statement. If you’re thinking that your entire family is going to work now from the same IP address with different laptop or desktops, then you are in for rejection mate.

2. Re-applying Several Times

First of all, Appen is not Indian Railways. They don’t have thousands of openings every year. And they don’t hire thousands every year. They will only hire if and when their client ( In case of Appen, the client is Google or Facebook) feels that it is necessary to hire some contractors. So, they will take time to get back to you. They will pre-screen your application and only if they deem you fit for this job will they contact you. And the wait period may be anywhere from few days to six months. If they don’t get back to you in six months, you can re-apply again with the same gmail again. There are some who, when they had to wait for few weeks or months, created new gmail accounts and re-applied again from the same IP and system. Dude, when you had applied before, did you not see a pop-up saying that your IP-address had been recorded? Due to this foolish mistake, both previous and your new application would be surely rejected.

3. Poor English – 

If you’ve applied for Indian English position, you must have excellent comprehension and written communication skills at it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a bachelor degree holder or a masters degree holder. It has nothing to do with English skills. Some people are simply bad in English. And I can’t teach you that. If your English ain’t good enough, at least apply for Hindi language positions. There are several projects for Hindi language as well. The same goes for applicants from other countries with different languages. One has to have an excellent communication and comprehension skills in their language of application.

4. Working For Other Similar Companies

There are similar companies like Leapforce such as – Lionbridge, Appen Butler Hill, Zerochaos and iSoftstone. Most of the time, you can’t work for all of them at the same time. They are very particular about it as their client is almost always the same i.e. Google or Facebook. In case of iSoftstone, it is Microsoft though. So even if you want to work for iSoftstone, and any other companies that has Google as their client, one has to always ensure that there is no conflict of interests.

5. Working From College Hostel

I am not too sure whether this affects your application being approved or rejected, but I do know for a fact that one is not allowed to work from a public place or anywhere that lacks privacy. It doesn’t mean that you can’t work from your hotel room. You can, as long as you are inside the room. Now, if you are a college student and you are using Wifi-hotspots, you don’t really have a privacy. That may be a cause for your rejection.

6. Bad CV

CV is your first contact with Appen or any other company that you have or will apply for. CV reveals who you are. So make it professional, but keep it simple stupid. It should definitely not have your photograph on it. I get a lot of questions from people asking me to help with their CVs. Well, I am sorry mate. I don’t do that job. There is something called Google. Make use of it to make a kick-ass CV.

7. Not seeing the email invite –

I applied for a friend as well and he thought that he wasn’t not invited. Then I scanned through his promotions inbox and saw the invite that was sent out to him just 3 weeks after  me applying for it.

But he didn’t notice it, and I can’t blame him for that. And now I have reasons to believe that many of you have not or might not notice the invite.

Make sure to check your spam folder as well.

The email invite would come from –


And when that email comes, this is how it looks on your laptop. It looks the same in mobile devices too.

Leapforce email invite

Please note that Appen acquired Leapforce in late 2017 and has re-branded it as Appen Connect. So you may not see that “Leapforce At Home Notice” in your laptop/desktop. You could see “Appen recruitment or somethin similar.

In mobile device only “agent-qualification” is visible. The main keyword “leapforce” is hidden from view if we don’t click through the email.

So anyone would think that this email is some scammy emails or something. I can’t blame you for that. So please take note of the email –


It is from that email that you would get the invitation to proceed further with your application.

So those are the reasons why your application may be rejected or you haven’t heard back from them. There might be other reasons too, but I believe these are the most likely ones.  If you haven’t signed up for Leapforce yet, sign up below


If you haven’t heard back from Appen, check out other companies HERE.

Use discretion and presence of mind to not be rejected at your first point of contact. Good Luck.


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 Originally published on Marc 17th 2017.

Sam Narzary

After making almost $3000 online, I started this blog to document my own journey as a search engine evaluator aka Google rater, bug hunter, website usability tester, and blogger. Now I teach others how to make money online through genuine work from home opportunities. I've been featured in Huffington Post among others. You can read more about my personal struggles and successes in making money online here.

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  1. If you fail leapforce exam, Are we allowed to apply after Six months?


    1. If you fail Leapforce exam, you may be allowed a one time retake of the test, like immediately. The email will have that option or you should request them.

  2. hey i work for map analyst for lionbridge but can i work for appen as a social media evaluator at the same time ?

    1. I heard that you can. Not sure about it though. But I know people working as Map Analyst and in Raterlabs (Yukon) at the same time.

  3. I am new to this as I am looking for non phone work at home positions. Could someone tell me what is CV and what does it stand for? Also G+ circle? I have a gmail account. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi. CV stands for Curriculum Vitae also known as resume. It is your entire info on a single page or two. That’s how they shortlist you, by having a glance at it. You can Google a bit about it and you will find some awesome guides on how to write kickass CV.

      G+ is like Facebook. But it is via Google. Everyone of your contacts in gmail, including yourself are in G+. You could just add them to your circles.

      And if you are American, which I am guessing you are, I wouldn’t recommend Leapforce. Because Leapforce don’t have much hours for US people anymore. You should instead check this out https://www.raterlabs.com/qrp/public/jobs/list

      It was created by Leapforce for Americans.

  4. First of all thank you for a such a useful content . I would like to know if the SEE job is still available in leapforce ?

  5. Hi.

    Just found this website looking for some info about the internet ads assessor position at Lionbridge.

    I’ve read that it’s possible to work in a social media evaluator project for one company with facebook as the client and work at the same time in a search engine evaluator or internet ads assessor project for another company with google as the client, would this be correct?

    I understand the conflict of interest could be caused if you work for two companies for the same client, even if you work in different projects, but if the projects are for different clients through different companies, like social media evaluator for leapforce (facebook) and internet ads assessor for lionbridge (google), there shouldn’t be any problem even if the companies want you to tell them if you’ve ever worked for similar companies, right?

    And what if you applied for the search engine evaluator position months ago and didn’t pass all the exams and you give a try to the internet ads assessor position for a different company? Both positions are for google projects, but you didn’t pass the exams and you have not actually worked for google before, just applied months ago and failed to pass the exam, could this be detected by the second company?


    1. Of all the companies, Lionbridge has the most stringent background checks and they are the ones who will never ever take you even if you had worked for other projects (in another company) that are different to the one that you are applying for in Lionbridge.
      In Lionbridge, the conflict of interested is caused as soon as you have worked with another company no matter what the projects are.
      It is the not the same when you are working for Appen and Leapforce though.

      The second company shouldn’t be able to detect the fact that you applied and failed in another company months or years ago as long as you don’t tell them.

      1. Oh, then I guess I’ll not be accepted in LB. 🙁

        Thank you for the reply.

        1. You already work in Leapforce or something? I have heard one thing though. One can work as an Online Map Analyst in LB while working in other projects in other companies. Internet assessor and others are strict no no, but they seem to be a bit lenient when it comes to Map Analyst. I am not 100% sure though.

          But do make sure to not tell LB about it. I think its worth trying for.

  6. hi,
    thanks for the article.

    I have a question though: my wife currently works for Lionbridge and I applied for Leapforce. We live together in France and I would like to know if we won’t be in trouble for sharing an IP address whereas we’re not the same person.

    1. Please don’t. Both of you will be terminated. Because both Leapforce agents and Lionbrige agents work in the same platform called “Ra***hub.com”. Your wife would know what I am talking about ( I am not too sure whether I can take the name of that platform or not because I signed an NDA with them, hence the asterisk). Leapforce and Lionbridge are like two doors leading to the same room. And there can be only one person per IP address working in that platform. You may be two different persons but the IP address is the same. You can however try for Appen for projects that are from Microsoft. They have web search evaluator position for Bing (Not Google). But always ensure that there is no conflict of interest. Good Luck.

      1. doesnt it only matter if you work on the same project at leapforce and lionbridge? and that if you both work at a different project, like shasta at leapforce and then another kind of project at liobridge, shouldnt it be alright?

        1. Lionbridge has this weird way of finding out if you are working for their competitors. In their application page, they will ask you whether you work or has worked for Appen, Leapforce, Zerochaos, etc. If you mention you have, they will never approve your application.

          I have heard that it is possible to work on say Yukon on Leapforce and as an Online Map Analyst for Lionbridge (which is known as Shasta in Leapforce) at the same time. But I am not 100% sure.

          I have been invited twice by Lionbridge to work as Internet Assessor which is different from Yukon. I told them that I work with Leapforce in Yukon. They told me that it is a conflict of interest even if the projects are different. Hope that clears up your question.

          1. Did you submit an application to them(Lionbridge). we dont get direct invite from them, do we ?

          2. I did apply to all the companies when I was looking for this type of job. And Lionbridge did invite me, but couldn’t work for them as I was working with Leapforce already.

            No we don’t get direct invites. We got to apply, wait and be invited.

        2. I was invited twice by Lionbridge to work as Internet Ads assessor. It is different from Yukon,the project that I work in Leapforce. I told Lionbridge that I am active in Yukon project. Lionbridge recruitment team told that it is a conflict of interest even if the projects are different. Hence they didn’t let me work. I hope that clears up your question.

          But I have heard that one can work in Yukon (leapforce) and Online Map analyst position (known as Shasta in Leapforce) at the same time. I am not 100% sure about it.

      2. Hi,

        I also have the same question, I applied for Appen and Leapforce on the same day but Appen was quick to respond and gave me my first task as a web search evaluator, but my job was to check whether a tweet is abusive or not…Then after a few days I received an email from leapforce informing me that I passed their qualification.

        Since I am not hearing anything from Appen after finishing my task, I am wondering if I can continue with my application with leapforce. I just feel that my time after work is so unproductive and I want to do something before I sleep. I am from Japan and the job I did with Appen is purely checking japanese tweets… Would this be the same with Leapforce? I am using my office computer and my laptop at home..I am wondering if this would be fine.

        1. Hey there, Leapforce has been acquired by Appen and I don’t think that there should be any problem when you work for both companies at the same time. And I don’t think that you should work from office. They say that you should work from a private place.

          There shouldn’t be any problem with youc continuing with your application with Leapforce. And it should be different from the current work that you are doing at Appen.

          Just a quick question, did the qualification test consists of three parts?

  7. My husband currently works for Leapforce. I just got accepted into a project with them (I don’t know which one yet). We have two houses. If he only works from one and I only work from the other, can we both still work at Leapforce?

    1. I had some conversation with my fellow raters in Leapforce, and it looks like one of them has a neighbor living 100 yards away and working for Leapforce. It shouldn’t be a problem with you as well as long as you use different wifi network.
      But I think your husband should email Leapforce and clarify about this. I don’t want both of you losing your job because of me, you know.
      And If I were you, I would be applying to Raterlabs. Its where most of the American raters from Leapforce and Lionbridge has gone on to work because the search engine evaluator position is no longer available to Americans in Leapforce or Lionbridge(another Leapforce like company). Do check this out – http://outsidethatcubicle.com/announcement-for-us-evaluators/

  8. I am currently a Rater for Lionbridge. Can I apply for RaterLabs as an Internet Analyst in Spanish without any problems arising?

    1. Raterlabs is only for American raters. All the American raters of Lionbridge and Leapforce moved to it. And Lionbridge is very strict when it comes to conflict of interest. I wouldn’t even think about it if I were you.

  9. I live in US and originally from India. I am on my F-1(student) visa and hence I do not have work permit(for US applicants its a part time job). I don’t live in India any more though I have lived in India for 21 years. So which country to choose to get registered?

    Can I register as Indian applicant and work while I stay in US?

    1. Leapforce says that you should have lived for five consecutive years in a country from where you want to work. I am sorry to say this, seems like chances of Leapforce or any other similar companies approving your application is slim.

      1. What kinda work they give….like is it some highly advanced work?or simple stuff also how much can i make?also regarding lionbridge appen and leapforce,you said lionbridge doesnt allow anyone who has worked elsewhere,so what if i apply first at lb?which ones better tho?

        1. It is not really advanced, but it is pretty interesting. Challenging at first but doable.

          Right now Lionbridge pays the best.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the great post. I gotta response from leap force where my friend didn’t get a reply even. So is that mean they are interested in hiring me? I have done further process with fb details. SO what happens next in this? How to crack the exam do give suggestions or share your experience that would be great.. also i see some posting after clearing exam they do get an email saying right now there is no opportunity..So what do you think will happen next? Thanks again for the detailed heads up… Looking for a reply…

    1. Awesome !

      You will get a guideline from them that you got to peruse quite deeply. Exam questions are all based on guideline. The exam is easy for Social Media Evaluator,but don’t take it lightly though. Appear for the test and once you qualify, you will be added to their rating tool and you can work in about a week. As for your friend, it all depends on who Leapforce. I can’t really comment on that.
      Let me know once you have cleared the exam. Good Luck.

  11. I don’t have enough friend in goggle+ circle. And i have already registered to it.
    Now am i gonna selected or there is no hope at all.

    1. Leapforce isn’t so strict on that as far as I know. But if I were you, I would be adding friends as we speak about it. Add your contacts in gmail. They are all in Google+ by default.
      Good Luck.

  12. Hi Sam, great helping stuff you have here. Can you show me an example fo a good CV which leapforce wouldn’t reject? Please help me out here, coz I’m an internet savvy and really need this job, because I heard some never heard again from leapforce after applying. Do know what criteria do the leapforce see for accepting CV? Thanks a lot Sam.

  13. okk , they told me to apply on 29 march but they have not sent any sort of form or anything like that does that mean i have to reply through mail , and could you give me any idea about their exam ?
    Also they are asking for 25 fb friends which i do have but i didnt get their reason behind that ,do we have to share and promote something like that with our friends? i know too many questions but i m totally fresher .thanks for replying

    1. You won’t be getting any forms or something from them. Once you apply and fill up through their application platform, you are done.

      Exams are based on a PDF guideline that you will be getting from them.

      And you don’t have to promote anything on Facebook. They asks a minimum of 25 friends to make sure that you are an active social media user.

  14. hi sam ,i received an offer from appen to take qualification test for their project but they are paying very low with just 1 hour work each day,what would you suggest ? do they increase working hours, and how was your experience working with them ?

    1. Hey Ashok. I didn’t work for Social Media Evaluator position and Search Engine Evaluator Position with them because as I wrote in my other blog post that one cannot work for the same position with other companies like Appen, Lionbridge,etc as their client is the same. I was working as a language validator which is an altogether a different type of work.

      And yes, I do know that their pay is like $3.5 per hour for Search Engine Evaluator Position or Social Media Evaluator Position, and I am not too sure about the hour limit. You may want to clarify it from their support team.

      As per as I know, one should work for 4 hours a day for at least 5 days a week for Social Media Evaluator position.

  15. Hey, Sam! thanks a ton for the info. BTW I applied on 17th March’17 & I just added somewhat 20 people in my G+ Circle (after reading this post). I am currently into SEO for some Start-up. Do you think mentioning SEO on my CV would be a plus?

    Also, now I have met all the requirements you’ve mentioned (things not to do/to do) to get hired. According to you, what are the chances now?

    1. You are welcome.

      Mentioning any relevant experience is always great but I can’t say how much it affects your chances of getting pre-approved as I am not a Leapforce HR.

      Approving your application is entirely on their hands. But those criteria that I mentioned are their criteria specifically mentioned in the application page. I can’t say whether meeting those criteria would guarantee an approval of your application or not. Because as I said, it all depends on Leapforce and their client which is Google.

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