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This is a resource page that I have compiled here for you. This will keep on growing as this blog grows and I use more and more tools out there to automate and save time.


The first and the most important tool or a service that any business owner needs is a hosting service. You can see this website in the internet because it is hosted by a web-hosting company. Your website is stored in special servers that the web-hosting companies provides.


Before we even talk about web-hosting, the first and the most important thing is domain registration. The domain name of this website is “www.outsidethatcubicle.com”. Now I can’t just use it. It has to be registered first with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).


Think of domain name as driver’s license. To drive a car, you first need to apply for Driver’s License. Similarly, if you want to register a domain which can be anything and everything, including your name, you need to register it first with ICANN.


If it sounds too complicated, don’t worry. It isn’t. The same companies that provides web-hosting services, also provides domain registration services. It is a breeze to register a domain. 

And make sure to add .com after your name, because you may need it in future. I have already registered mine as “www.samnarzary.com”. I don’t want somebody taking it and having to pay a premium price for it.

There is something called domain flipping that many people make money from. 

Almost a year ago in 2016, an engineering student in Kochi, India bought a domain name called maxchanzuckerberg.orgNow Max Chan Zuckerberg is the daughter of Mark Zuckerberg in case you didn’t know. 

So Mark Zuckerberg was beaten at his own game. He had to pay $700 to that engineering student to purchase the domain from him. That guy made over $685 by simply registering a domain and flipping it in domain selling websites.

Here is the full story – Mark purchases daughter’s domain from an Indian student.

Alright enough of my crap.

Here are the lists of web-hosting companies where you can register your first domain name and also host your website.






Bluehost has unparalleled reputation in the market when it comes to web-hosting services. Almost all the major internet marketers recommend Bluehost due to the reputation that they have in the market. Even this website is hosted in Bluehost.





Another reputed web-hosting that I used while hosting my first website is Hostgator. They also provide local support like Bluehost, meaning their customer support reps are based in India. I didn’t face any problem in terms of customer service and service quality.

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Bluehost is providing 30% off in any type of hosting only till 30th Nov, 2017.

So go ahead, register your first domain name and use a shared hosting to host your first website. The Bluehost support team will help you in setting up a WordPress website.


When you install WordPress on your computer, you don’t need to code anything to create your first website. You can just drag and drop things and get your website started up and running. This website is created using WordPress too. The best part is, it is free to use.


You can choose from a range of free WordPress themes available to start out with, and upgrade to a paid one later.


In the meantime, check out this offer from Bluehost –


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If your wondering how I designed the homepage of this website with zero coding skills, it is because of Divi Builder 3.0 that comes bundled with Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes is a premium WordPress theme that makes building website a kid’s play.

And with Divi- Builder 3.0, anyone can design beautiful looking website in few day’s time ( supposing you work for an hour a day).

Moreover their customer support is awesome. What is even more awesome is the fact that you can use your theme in unlimited number of websites including those of your client’s website. It is not possible to do that if you are using other paid themes.

Check out Elegant Themes here –

Disclosure – The above links are affiliate links. When you click on them and make a purchase, those companies pay me a small commission, but you aren’t charge anything extra. The affiliate commission that I receive will go in to content creation and development of this website.