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27 Survey Sites With No Minimum Payout Requirement {2020 List}

27 Survey Sites With No Minimum Payout Requirement {2020 List}

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PayPal Surveys No Minimum Payout

Looking for survey sites with no minimum payout? Then you are at the right place bud.

This blog post will not only give you the list of all the survey sites that has no or very little payout threshold, but also give you a brief but detailed info about each survey site, and help you pick one.

And please note that majority of these survey websites pays via PayPal, hence we can call them as instant PayPal payout surveys.

Read on.

List of Instant Paid Surveys

With little to no minimum payout

The above survey sites are discussed below in brief

Pinecone Research

PayPal Survey Site that has no minimum payout.

This is an exclusive invite-only survey site that has a payment threshold of $3.

But it isn’t really a payment threshold as all their surveys pays $3, and they pay out every $3. So there is no minimum threshold that one has to reach here.

This is one of the most reputed, well-known PayPal surveys with no minimum payout requirement.

Most of the surveys lasts for like 10-15 mins.

Pinecone Highlights

  • Minimum payment threshold – None
  • Payment methods – PayPal, Gift Cards, Visa cards,Check
  • Eligible Countries – US, UK, CA, Germany
  • Eligible Age – 18+

Check out Pinecone Research below

  • If you are from UK, Sign Up HERE.
  • If you are from US, (18 – 24, all genders), Sign Up HERE. It has bi-weekly and quarterly draw prize of $500 and $4,500 respectively.
  • Other US citizens (18-34) can sign up HERE.
  • If you are Hispanic or Asian male from US (18-24), you can sign up HERE.
  • If you are from Canada, speaks French, Sign Up HERE.
  • If you are from Canada, speaks English, Sign Up HERE.

Please note that they only hire from the countries mentioned above and they require a very specific age group, community and locale. Please sign up above accordingly.


Qmee Survey Site

This instant payout survey site is rated 4.5/5 in TrustPilot with good reasons.

People love it. They love it because of the fact that there is no minimum amount that you need to reach to request for a payout.

You can even request for a payout of $0.1 via PayPal (or gift card) and get paid instantly. Most of the payments are delivered within minutes.

The best part is, this is not just a survey site, you are also rewarded for searching the web via its browser extension or for shopping via its mobile app.

Highlights of Qmee

Check out Qmee HERE

Survey Time

Rated excellent (4.6/5) in TrustPilot, they pay $1 per survey, instantly, no complicated points system.

This probably is the highest rated survey site that pay instantly.

Not only do you not get rewarded $1 instantly after completing the survey, you can also request for a payout as soon as the reward is credited to your account.

And it just takes few mins for you to get the payment.

Highlights of Survey Time

Start Making Money Instantly HERE


This is a highly rated, Italy based survey site that operates in few select counties – Italy, Portugal, UK.

They are not just survey site, but also a product testing and a bug hunting site. You, the participant would be called as crowder, and the tasks are called as missions.

The surveys pays up to £15 (in UK) and if you report a bug and the bug is accepted, you will be paid around £15 for each submitted bug if it is approved by their bug testing team.

Crowdville Highlights

Check out Crowdville HERE


Esearch-Survey Site

This is another no-points system survey site that pays instantly as soon as the surveys are completed.

No complicated points system, just rewarded with cash straight up, as soon as the surveys are completed.

Most of the surveys pays out like $1 – $5 per survey and typically lasts for like 10 – 20 mins.

E-Search Highlights

Check out E-Search HERE



This is another highly rated survey site that has almost no minimum payout. It is rated 8/10 in TrustPilot, and for good reasons.

You can request for a payout as soon as you hit $1.

Hitting $1 is very easy here. Because this site is more than just a survey site.

You can get paid for watching videos, clicking on the ads, downloading an app, cashback for shopping through it and so on.

Moreover, as soon as you complete your profile after signing up, you get $0.20.

Once you hit $1, you can request for a payout. You will receive the payment within 4 hours in most cases.

I got mine within 10 mins ! Here is the screenshot of payment that they sent me recently.

They say that my next payments will be instantaneous.

Instant Payout GTP site.
SuperPay.me payment

This GPT qualifies as one of the best GPT instant payout site in my opinion.

Highlights of Superpay

Check out Superpay HERE and get $0.2 bonus.

Survey Rewardz

Survey Rewardz

This is a high paying survey site that claims to pay as much as $30/survey.

Most of the surveys however has the payout of $0.50 – $10, depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

You can cash out as little as $1.

Highlights of Survey Rewardz

Check out SurveyRewardz HERE

Offer Nation

This is a GTP site where you have multiple ways to make money online. You can make money via –

  • clicking on ads,
  • downloading apps,
  • referring friends (25%)
  • and so on.

The minimum payout threshold is $1 for cash payouts while it is $5 for Amazon gift cards.

Check out OfferNation HERE

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy

This survey site is present in over 195 countries and has one of the lowest payouts in the industry.

As soon as you hit $1, you can request for a payout. You will be paid by check.

Even if you don’t take part in surveys, you can still make $5 by simply installing their browser extension called SavvyConnect, and keeping it installed for 30 days either in your desktop/laptop or mobile device. You also get access to high paying surveys if you have the tool installed.

Survey Savvy Highlights

Check out SurveySavvy HERE


This site is not just a survey site but a get-to-paid site where users get rewarded for taking part in multitude of tasks like –

  • signing for trials ,
  • visiting a website,
  • downloading an app,
  • searching the web,

and so on, apart from the normal paid surveys.

As the name suggests, users get instant gift cards (insta – Gift – Card = InstaGC) for taking part in various activities. But you can also opt for cash payouts via PayPal.

You can request for payout as soon as you hit $1.

I got paid within 3-4 hours after requesting for a payout.

Here is the screenshot of the payment that they sent me recently –

InstaGC PayPal payment

InstaGC Highlights

Check out InstaGC HERE

Rewarding Ways

This is not just a survey site, but more like a GTP (get-to-paid) site where you get paid for array of activities.

You can earn points for –

  • clicking on ads
  • watching videos
  • completing offers
  • via cash contests and so on.

As soon as you hit $1, you can request for a payout via PayPal. Other payment methods requires higher amount.

They are rated 7.6/10 in TrustPilot, which is good.

Rewarding ways Highlights

Here is $0.20 Sign Up Bonus To You. Sign Up HERE and claim the bonus now.



This is one of the most famous and most trusted survey site that offers one multiple ways to make money, apart from surveys.

They have a low minimum payout of $1 if you request for gift cards. While it can’t technically be called as a no minimum payout survey site, but $3 payment threshold is very easily achievable.

They are rated B in BBB, which is good.

Swagbucks Highlights

Check out Swagbucks HERE and get $5 sign up bonus

Grab Points

GrabPoints Survey Site

This survey site probably has the highest TrusPilot ratings. It is rated 9/10 in TrustPilot which is crazy good.

Just like Swagbucks above, you have multiple ways to earn money here such as – clicking on ads, watching video, downloading an app, referring a friend and so on, apart from the from normal surveys.

As soon as you hit $3, you can request for a payout.

They claim to pay as much as $7.5 per survey.

Grab Points Highlights

Check out Grab Points HERE and earn 500 bonus points.

Feature Points

Feature Points

This is one of those GTP sites where you earn points to do several things such as –

  • taking surveys
  • installing an app
  • trying out some new games
  • watching videos
  • shopping through its partner sites ( US & Canada), and so on.

While they do hire worldwide, most of the survey opportunities are in the western countries.

They have a low payment threshold of $3, which can be redeemed as gift card or as cash via PayPal.

Feature Points Highlights

Check out Feature Points HERE

E-Poll Surveys

E-Poll Survey Site

This survey site asks interesting and intriguing questions about celebrities, sports, and entertainment. The surveys are fun and interactive.

For completing surveys, you will be rewarded in points which can be redeemed as gift cards or as PayPal cash.

You can redeem $3 in gift cards and $5 in PayPal cash.

E – Poll Surveys

Check out E-Poll HERE and HERE (13 – 24 years)


pollpass Survey Site

This is a unique survey site where you won’t be getting emails about survey opportunities.

All that you got to do is to chat with a “bot”, answer its questions and be rewarded for your opinion.

They got a mobile app, with which you can open Poll-pass and chat with the bot, anytime anywhere and keep earning in points. Each chat will be like 2 -5 mins long and will earn you 100 points on average.

Once you reach 3000 points i.e. $3, you can ask for a cash out or a gift card redemption.

Pollpass Highlights

Check out PollPass HERE


Viewfruit Survey Site

This is a Asia focused survey site but hires worldwide. They have fun and engaging surveys.

For completing surveys, you will be rewarded in points which is typically 250 – 300 points per survey.

Once you reach 1500 points ($3), you can request for rewards. The payout differs in different countries.

If you download their mobile app, you will be rewarded 100 points for installing it.

Viewfruit Highlights

Check out Viewfruit HERE

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost

Opinion outpost is purely a survey site that has high paying surveys.

It is one of those survey sites that pays out instantly as soon as you accumulate at least 50 points which equals $5.

It is possible to accumulate 50 points with just single surveys.

Apart from surveys, they also had $10,000 quarterly sweepstake. which has been discontinued as of July 2019.

Opinion Outpost Highlights

Minimum Payout Amount – $5 ( for Amazon gift cards), $10 ( for PayPal)
Payment Method PayPal, Gift cards
Eligible Countries USA
Eligible Age18+

Check out Opinion Outpost HERE

Gift Hunter

Gift hunter, as the name suggests rewards panelists with gifts for completing simple tasks like surveys, taking part in contests, watching videos, ads, signing up for free offers and so on.

As soon as you reach $5, you can request for a cash out. They have multiple payment methods.

Gift Hunter Highlights

Check out Gift Hunter HERE

Panel Station

Panel Station

This survey site hires in over 35+ countries.

They will reward you in points for taking part in surveys. Each survey will fetch will you like 500 – 5000 points per survey. You can also refer your friends and earn points.

Payment threshold is different for different countries.

They have a mobile app to take the surveys.

Panel Station Highlights

Check out Panel Station HERE

Opinion Square ($100,000)

Opinion Square

This is the only survey site that has a monthly sweepstake contest where a lucky winner can win $100,000.

And just like other normal surveys websites, you will have opportunities to complete surveys and accumulate points which can be used to cash out as gift cards or PayPal cash.

You get rewarded for watching TV as well.

Check out Opinion Square HERE

Mindfield Online

Mindfield Online

This is another awesome survey site with a minimum payout of just $5.

They claim to pay up to $10 per survey while focus groups pays as high as $100. Each survey lasts for like 5 – 15 mins per survey.

What is more, you get $1 just for referring your friends and family members. And the best part is, they accept anyone who is above 15 years old.

Check out Mindfield Online HERE

Mobile Expression


This is less of a survey site and ore of an install an app and forget it kind of an app.

All that you got to do is to install their Android or iOS app, keep it installed for a minimum of 30 days. That’s it.

You may also get occasional surveys sometimes. The minimum payout is $5.

Check out MobilXpression below

If you are from USA, Install it HERE (Android), or HERE (iOS)

If you are from other countries, install it HERE.



This is another survey site with a low minimum payout of $5.

You also get a joining bonus of $10 Amazon or Visa Gift card.

Signing up here is pretty easy, it is quick and simple. As you take part in surveys, you earn in points and once you hit 700 points, which is equal to $5, you can cash out as a Gift card or as a PayPal cash.

Apart from surveys, you can earn via playing games, watching videos, reading emails, printing coupons, etc.

Check out MyPoints HERE



This is a GTP site that has multiple avenues to earn money like playing games, watching videos, referring friends and so on.

The minimum payout here is also just $5, which is pretty easy to achieve.

Check out Rewards1 HERE

N.B – They withheld my payment of $15. I wouldn’t recommend you to sign up with them for now.


Mobrog Survey Site

This is a the highest rated survey site in TrustPilot. It is rated 8.9/10.

They hire worldwide and they pay out instantly. The payment threshold ranges from $5 – $6 depending on where you are located.

You get invited for surveys via email. Their interface is really slick and clean.

Check out Mobrog HERE

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel

This is a GTP site with multiple avenues to earn money. You can earn money by –

  1. taking surveys
  2. watching videos
  3. completing simple tasks
  4. participating in games and contests
  5. filling out offers and so on.

The good thing about this site is that you can cash out as little as $2 as gift card. Sometimes you can cash out even $1. They have over 500+ gift card options.

Check out Prize Rebel HERE

Americans can sign up HERE

Final Tips on the above quick paying Survey Sites

Survey Sites No Minimum Payout

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