5 Search Engine Evaluator Companies

5 Search Engine Evaluator Companies

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5 Companies that hires Search Engine Evaluators : –

When there are thousands of scams online, how do we know what are the legit companies that hires Search Engine Evaluators? How do we know that this is not another phony scam designed to rip you off of your hard earned money?

Well for starters, you don’t need money to be a Search Engine Evaluator. You won’t get paid to click on ads. No, not at all. And they won’t promise you to make you rich overnight. And they will definitely not ask for your credit card details.

It takes real analytical skills and hard work to make money as Search Engine Evaluator. Although, it won’t make you a millionaire, it will definitely pay for your car, mortgage, credit card debt, etc.

Below is the list and complete overview of 5 companies that hires Search Engine Evaluators



Appen Butler Hill.



An Overview

What makes me more qualified to give you “another crappy make money online” advice when there are thousands of such posts available in the internet?  What makes this post different? And why you should give a damn to what I am about to tell you? Well, I’m an active Search Engine Evaluator working with Leapforce at the moment and I know the ins and outs of this industry. So when I talk about this career, I know my shit well.

Being an active Search Engine Evaluator makes me an authority to talk with expertise about this subject matter. I have worked for iSoftstone for crowdsourced project and also worked with Appen as a language validator. Around the same time that I applied for Leapforce, I also applied for Lionbridge. Lionbridge rejected me as I mentioned in their application form that I had already applied for Leapforce. But they email me twice later, to work as Ads Reviewer and Content Assessor. Had to decline their offer as I was already working for Leapforce and it was a conflict of interest.

Now that I’v convinced you that I’m an authority in this subject matter let’s dive in and find out more about the 5 companies that hire Search Engine Evaluators  –


This is an award-winning American company based in Pleasanton, California. They are known for hiring independent, work-from-home contractors for various projects. They not only hire Search Engine Evaluators, they also hire Social Media Evaluators and contractors for various projects that comes up every now and then. Here is the corporate address and other details of Leapforce –

Address Leapforce, Inc. 5050 Hopyard Rd. #425 Pleasanton, California 94588 Telephone: +1 925-730-0073 Fax: +1 925-730-0074

Leapforce hires all the year round and they hire for multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, German, French, etc. They hire independent contractors from US to Egypt to Philippines and everyone in between.

Hourly rate –  They pay more than the minimum wage. They definitely pay more than Mcdonalds. Here is the hourly rate breakdown for you –

US & Americas    –  $13.5

UK & some Europeans   –

$14 Asians  –   $7

Americans gets their pay raised to $15.5 an hour after years of consistent and high quality work for Leapforce.  That program is open only to American citizens though.

Payment method –  For US citizens, they pay through direct deposit and that makes sense because Leapforce is based in California. For Indians and other Asians, they pay through Western Union. They help us set up an account with Western Union and Western Union deposits the money to the bank accounts linked to it. For Brazilian evaluators, they pay through PayPal. I think it is kind of bad for them as PayPal has a lot of transaction charges.

Where to sign up –  You can sign up right below with your active gmail –


This is how the sign up page should look like. Select your language and country and proceed ahead.

Leapforce sign up page

                                                                                     Leapforce sign up page


Qualification Process –  There is a three-step qualification exam. It consists of a theoretical exam which will be an open book test and two practical exams which are based on applications of the concept outlined in the guidelines mailed to every candidates before exam. In order to go to the next part, one needs to pass the preceding exam. And exams are tough, not everyone gets through it. Here is an in-depth guide on Leapforce exam –



Thoughts –  I have been working with Leapforce since June, 2016 and my experience with them so far, has been splendid. Their support is great, response time is low. We feel as if we are valued there. There has been no problems when it comes to payment and invoicing, which is fantastic. I have nothing but good words for Leapforce.

               An important announcement regarding US Evaluators 

                      {{ Evaluator Position is no longer available in Leapforce or Lionbdrige for Americans }}

 Leapforce has been acquired by Appen !


This is another well-known  company that specializes in providing translation and localization services. They also hire Search Engine Evaluators and Social Media Evaluators but they call them by different names.

They call Search Engine Evaluators as Web Content Assessor and Social Media Evaluator as Social Media Assessor. The terminology of course doesn’t matter. The work is the same in each company that would be discussed here.

Lionbridge is based in Ballina, Ireland and has corporate office in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. It employs independent contractors all the year round.At the time of this writing, there were job opportunities for USA, France, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Japan.

You may want to check out the latest job postings here –


This is how the Lionbridge sign up page should look like.

Pay Rate –  I don’t work with Lionbridge and hence can’t give you the exact figure. But I do know for sure that there pay is more or less the same as Leapforce’s i.e. around $14 per hour. For Asians and Africans, the pay rate is of course less. A friend of mine (Indian) works in Lionbridge and he is paid $6.81/hr for English language rating. And I came to know from trusted sources that for Hindi language rating, they pay almost $8/hr.


Payment method – They pay through direct deposit for their American contractors but I don’t know how they pay to Asians or Europeans. But one shouldn’t really worry about payment when one is working for reputed companies like Lionbridge or Leapforce. Because they will always pay you on time, no matter what. For Indians, they pay through Direct Deposit unlike Leapforce who pays through Western Union.

Qualification Exam – The qualification exam for Lionbridge and Leapforce is almost the same. In fact even the study material seems same . It is because they have the same client, namely Google.

Important Side Note –  There is a wrong info floating around in the internet saying that Lionbridge don’t do Search Engine Evaluation and that they only ask evaluators to evaluate ads online. This cannot be further from the truth. They got positions for both the jobs. Because I have been invited twice by Lionbridge to work as Ads Reviewer (different terminology again) as well as to be an Assessor. I couldn’t work with them because I was (still am) already working with  Leapforce.

Since their client is the same, one cannot work for both Leapforce and Lionbridge at the same time.

Thoughts  – Lionbridge is a legit company and is as well-known as Leapforce. The only problem with them as that they don’t respond as quick as Leapforce when it comes to queries from potential applicants. And they don’t hire as much as Leapforce does. But they are not as strict as Leapforce when it comes to quality checks. Also their hour ( for Indians) is limited to 20-30 hours per week, they do get bonus hours sometimes though.

These survey sites pays up to $50 per survey. Find out more


Appen Butler Hill known as Appen in short, has been awarded three times by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 100 Companies Offering Flexible Jobs in 2014, 2015, and 2016. It is based in New South Wales, Australia and it is a publicly traded company.

After the acquisition of Leapforce on December 2017, they are probably the largest company in this domain. Read about the acquisition here.

Appen is known for providing solutions in different areas such as –

Search Technology – Whole Page Evaluation, Query Categorization, Query Relevance, Ad Relevance, Multimedia Evaluation, Spam Detection Evaluation, etc.

Language Technology –  Advanced Linguistic Analysis, Phonetic Transcription, Sentiment Analysis, Speech-Recognition Training Data, etc.

Social Technology  –  Social Media Division, Moderation, Community Engagement, etc.

Crowd Sourcing.   Here is how Appen’s application page looks like – Appen Butler Hill.

                                                                    Appen Sign Up Page

As of Feb 2018, Appen had a massive openings for social media evaluation and search engine evaluation. You can check for current opportunities here –


The good thing about Appen is the fact that they hire for a lot of different tasks. I worked with them as language validator and also applied to be a Social Media Evaluator. I didn’t like their user interface though. The pay was pretty decent for the language validator position. I was paid through PayPal in Australian Dollars. But I couldn’t work for them as Social Media Evaluator even though I was invited as I was already working for the same client with Leapforce.

Pay Rate –  According to various sources such as Glassdoor and others, the pay rate per hour for Search Engine Evaluator and Social Media Evaluator is about $13 – $14 which is same as Leapforce’s pay. The pay rate for Asians and Africans again is less than the pay rate for Americans or Europeans. For Indians, they pay $3.5/hr which is half that of the pay rate in Leapforce. But since Leapforce has been acquired by Appen now, there is a fear prevalent among us that Appen may reduce the pay rate for us too.

Payment Method – For social media evaluation and search engine evaluation, they pay through Payoneer. Except for Aussie raters, all others are paid through Payoneer. So sign up below and get $25 bonus*


Qualification Process –  The qualification test for Social Media Evaluation is the same as that for Leapforce. And it is an easy one. Anyone who has basic comprehension capability should pass the test. But I don’t know how their qualification process for Search Engine Evaluator works. I found an interesting resource in Glassdoor about the interview process. Here is an excerpt from that posts – —————————————————————————————————————— I applied to Appen in May of 2016 and received an email the next day with instructions to watch a short video about the web search evaluator procedures, and a link to take three tests.

I applied to Appen in May of 2016 and received an email the next day with instructions to watch a short video about the web search evaluator procedures, and a link to take three tests.

The first test asks you to perform a series of evaluations for search queries and determine if the web page link provided would be a good result to include in the search results for the query using a scale between 1 and 5. They provide you guidelines to use when making the determination and it is fairly straightforward. The second test is a three stage English test that is relatively simple for a native speaker of the language. The third test is a technical skills test that asks you to answer a series of technical questions within a fifteen minute time frame. The questions are easy for anyone who uses common technologies, and the answers to each question can be found online easily enough if you’re uncertain (like with the questions asking about Internet Explorer). I received a message stating that it would take them up to three days to evaluate my test, so I’m still waiting to hear back.


Thoughts – 

In my experience while applying for the language validator position and the subsequent works that I did on their interface, I found it very user-unfriendly, slow and cumbersome. At times their log in page didn’t even work. I had to work on Mozilla Firefox which I don’t like much anyways.

And sometimes, they don’t even respond. I got an email from them asking me to take up Social Media Evaluator position.

Not to cause any conflict of interest, I first emailed Leapforce support telling them of the new offer I have. Leapforce support didn’t object but asked me to email Appen about it. I am yet to get any reply from Appen. It has been more than a month at the time of this writing. They must have forgotten about it.

Update 23rd Feb 2018 – Appen has radically altered their home page design since 2016. I am assuming they have also changed their user interface. And moreover they have become the king of this domain after acquiring Leapforce. A reader of this blog went on to work as social media evaluator and he didn’t face any problem.

Seems like Appen has really worked on improving their overall website design, responsiveness and smoothening of their user-interface. There was a massive opening for social media evaluation and web content evaluation ( search engine evaluation) in Appen. Apply below and start making money –


And if you aren’t an Aussie, you will need Payoneer account to get started. Sign up below and get $25 bonus as soon as you are paid $1000 by Appen.



This is a Fortune 100 company with over 18,000 in-house employees and it specializes in various fields of operations such as data analytics, mobility, digital experience, financial services and banking, QA & testing, crowd-sourching, etc.

It’s headquartered in China and its address and other details are –

International Software Plaza Bdg. Zhongguancun Software Park

No. 8 West Dongbeiwang Road. Beijing, 100193 China.

It’s North American address is as follows –

5808 Lake Washington Blvd NE

 #400,Kirkland, WA 98033, USA

 Phone –  +1 425-216-6300

It has two official websites.

It’s North American website is  –   http://isoftstoneinc.com                                            

And the global website is   –   https://issworld.isoftstone.com   

At the the time of this writing, iSoftstone was hiring worldwide for Online Rater. Now I can’t say for sure whether that is the same exact thing as the Search Engine Evaluator or not. Regardless, it should be somewhere along the line of Search Engine Evaluation job.

This is how the application page should look like should you go there –


5 Companies that hires Search Engine Evaluators.

                                                                iSoftstone Sign Up Page.

Just click on the view all open job positions and you should see an option for Online Rater at the top.

Here is the link to their job application webpage –


Prerequisite – 

At the time of this writing, there was an opening for Online Rater and one of the prerequisites of that opening was that, one has to have a LinkedIn account with some connections. It wasn’t exactly certain whether they wanted a specific number of connections or whether they just wanted to check whether a prospective candidate is active on LinkedIn or not.

Pay Rate –

The hourly rate for Search Evaluator position is approximately $13, which is a little less than what others pay.

The rate is of course lower for Asians and Africans.

Payment Method – 

I worked on a couple of projects with them and was paid through PayPal. The payment method may differ for different locations around the world.

Qualification Process – 

I was hired for Crowdsourching job which wasn’t the same as Search Engine Evaluator. Hence I don’t know the exact qualification process for this position. But I found a very helpful review on Glassdoor about the qualification test for Search Engine Evaluator position. Here it is –


I just contacted them online and i received their reply after three days. In their response, they indicated the details that i needed to qualify for the position. The interview and hiring process goes through a series of training you have to take using the guidelines and bing HRS tool and then pass the Microsoft test before getting an offer to actually work. The whole duration of the process depends on how fast you understand a long and very detailed guideline and handle the trainings along with the test. You usually have up to three days to watch an introductory video showing you how to work and use the guideline in the process. Me, i’m still going through the hiring process for the moment but i should be done with it soon.


Important Side Note – 

The major client of iSoftstone is Microsoft, not Google. So if you’re working as a Search Engine Evaluator with Leapforce, Lionbridge, you could still work with iSoftstone.

In fact, iSoftstone is the only company among these five, who doesn’t give a damn about who you are working for at the moment. And it is a good thing for workers like you and me. We can diversify our sources of income and have that feeling of security.


This is one of the 5 companies that hires Search Engine Evaluators. It is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and has operations in Americas, Europe, and Asia.

It specializes in Vendor Management System, Independent Contractor Compliance, Recruitment Process Outsourching, Contingent Workforce Management, etc.

 ZeroChaos has about 1000 employees and was founded in 1999. Here is the address of ZeroChaos’ Headquarters –

420 South Orange Avenue Suite

600 Orlando, FL 32801, United States.

Here is how their application page should look like –

5 Companies that hires Search Engine Evaluator

                                           ZeroChaos Sign Up Page

At the time of this writing, there was no opening for Search Engine Evaluator position. However you can always check here to see whether they have openings or not.


One thing is clear from my research and from my colleagues in Leapforce. ZeroChaos has a lot less openings for positions unlike others. They rarely hire Search Engine Evaluators.

Moreover it seems that they hire Ads Quality Raters instead of Search Engine Evaluators. Pay Rate –  Their pay rate ranges from $14 – $15 according to my research as well as according to Glassdoor. Payment Method – Since I never had an opportunity to work with them, I cannot say for sure how is it that they pay. They should pay through direct deposit or PayPal though. Qualification Process –  Their qualification process is short and simple according to Glassdoor reviews. And it hardly takes a week to complete the entire process. The reviews says that one needs a degree and if one has that, it is very easy to be hired. Thoughts –  They have a very limited openings and they are very strict about nor working for any similar companies in the past such as Lionbridge, Leapforce or Appen. It is kind of hard to get a job with them.

Observations on the 5 Companies that hires Search Engine Evaluators – 

Company that hires the most and has the highest number of contractors working for them is Leapforce. Lionbridge is a distant second when it comes to hiring Search Engine Evaluators. Appen has a lot of openings all the year round, but they aren’t necessarily for Search Engine Evaluation position. And one has to make sure whether their projects may create conflict of interest with another project that they are already working on with another company such as Leapforce. ZeroChaos has the least amount of openings when it comes to this position.

Important Note –  If you are working as Search Engine Evaluator for any of the companies such as Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen or ZeroChaos, you cannot work in the same position or as Ads Rater or Web Content Rater, for any other company.

They are very particular about this and if you do, you could be terminated from both the companies. But, you can always work for any of the above four companies and also work with iSoftstone at the same time, as the client of iSoftstone is different from the common client of Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen or ZeroChaos.

But one should always exercise discretion and email their respective support staff to let them know that one would be working for different companies at the same time. This can prevent conflict of interest and your eventual termination.

Recommendation –

I have worked with Appen, iSoftstone and Leapforce for various projects. Currently, I’m an active Search Engine Evaluator and Social Media Evaluator with Leapforce. So I am more than qualified to give you the right recommendation. And I don’t want you to make all the mistakes that I’ve made. Save time, make money. Appen has massive opening as of Feb 2018. Lionbridge and Zerochaos has less openings throughout the year. Got mortgage to pay? Got a credit card debt? Want an extra income? Sign up to all the companies above and go with the one that suits you. If you want an in-depth insight on how to be a Search Engine Evaluator, read this –

How to be a Search Engine Evaluator 

To diversify your sources of income, one can always apply for iSoftstone as they don’t have any problems with anyone working with other companies such as Leapforce, Lionbridge or Appen. iSoftstone was hiring at the time of writing this. Check out the opportunities below –


So that sums up the complete overview of the 5 companies that hires Search Engine Evaluators. Leave comments below if you got any questions or queries.



Sam Narzary

The author has been an active Google Rater and a location-independent blogger since June 2016. I like anything that frees one from corporate slavery, 9-5 grind, soul-sucking and dream crashing routine.

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  1. Dear Sam,
    My country isn’t on the list of “Job Opportunities” of Lionbridge. How can I apply then?

    1. Then unfortunately you can’t. You can look out for other companies mentioned.

  2. Hi Sam.
    Thank you for the helpful information.

    I just passed the Lionbridge exam, so the next step is applying for iSoft.
    I heard not only iSoft but Apen is also okay. Do you think this is true?

    1. Congratulations !

      I am so happy this blog post helped you. Comments like this makes my day. Thank you ! 🙂

      Appen and Leapforce are same now, meaning Appen has acquired Leapforce. And iSoftstone is also good depending from where you apply and work for. But make sure of one thing. Don’t work in the same project for different companies. And Lionbridge don’t allow its contractors to work with other companies. But as long as the projects are different and Lionbridge doesn’t know about it, you can work with other companies as well. But apply discretion. Don’t allow Lionbridge to know about it and don’t work in the projects that are similar.

  3. Really interesting and helpful article. I am undergoing application process in Lionbridge. I failed the 3rd part of exam but they are giving me chance to retake the exams as you have mentioned in one of the answer. I want to know how best i can prepare and clear the exams successfully. Thanks for your inputs.

  4. Hi, Sam, thanks for the very clear explanation, although I need a small clarification. I’m working for Lionbridge now want to diversify for security and you mentioned that Lionbridge is very strict. Are you sure that can I take a chance to apply for isoftstone and work? Should I tell Lionbridge about my selection after I got selected? Please guide me.

    1. Hey..I don’t think that you should take a risk buddy. But again it’s your decision.
      If you want to go ahead with iSoftstone, go ahead, apply for it. But I don’t think that you should tell Lionbridge about it after getting in there.
      Again, it is YOUR DECISION.

      One question for you, is there any referral policy and bonuses in Lionbridge?

      1. Thanks for your answer Sam. No Sam, as I know there is no referral such thing in Lionbridge.

        1. Okay. Glad to know.

  5. Hey sam i read your blog and i like people like you who just just drives their own life with their own idea and work, i have known this evaluator thing for some time now(actually inquiring about evaluator landed me on quora–>to this page) , now could you help me clear some doubts, you stated that one cannot work for multiple companies that have same clients(google) but its okay to include isoftstone(microsoft) as its client is different. looking at this i would like to know if there’s any harm if one can “apply” for leapforce, lionbridge, appen and isoftstone at same time and if get selected then may be they can work for only one company. i just want to make sure if their is any restriction in sending resumes(applying) to these companies,..also is it compulsory to have people in g+(i dont use g+ but uses other google services)… hope u see this and reply

    1. Yes you can apply to all of the companies at the same time. But if Lionbridge knows that you have applied for other companies too, they will reject your application.

      1. thanks bro thanks for the reply, but u didn’t answer about the Google + situation–is it necessary to have enough people in our people list

        1. It is not mandatory but would be good if you have enough people in your list.

          1. okay..anyway thanks again, i have applied at LF today and will update if i get in. Thanks for your blog which inspired me and it was always good to know you..hope you keep up your good work(blog) and cheers to your future work.

  6. Do you know if I can work with Appen and LB in the same time for the same ‘Online Content Evaluator (Appen)’ & ‘ Internet Assessor (LB)’ position? I already took the job of Internet Assessor at LB and try to apply for Appen. I wonder will it cause the interest conflict and influence my current job with Lionbridge.

    Do I need to apply it with different email address? Should I notice them

    appreciate for your assistance.


    1. Just one word “Don’t”

      You may be blacklisted. And moreover even if you apply through different gmail, what about the IP address? It still stays the same.

      It is a massive CONFLICT OF INTEREST. And I know that Lionbridge is very strict.

  7. Hello Sam, 1st of all Thanks for Your helpful article..

    This is ApLu Sadat from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    I have tried for LionBridge, but failed to qualify for the position. As much I know that I cant apply again with same Ip, So therefor may I know is there any other way to apply again with LionBridge?

    Most of the company don’t hire search engine evaluator from Bangladesh (accept LionBridge). OK now the main thing I wanna know that, can you suggest me any websites who hire for this kinds of job from my country Bangladesh.

    Plz suggest me something where i can do job from home..

    Plz help me to grow up in this Online World…

    Thanks Once again..

    1. Yo should be able to take a one time retake. Just email them. Don’t re-apply but ask for a retake. I am pretty sure that they allow a one time retake of the exam.

  8. Dear Sam,

    I am currently in qualification process with lionbridge. They have clearly mentioned that to work with them one must not work all the above mentioned companies including iSoftstone as well… for conflict of interest . This is for FYIP

    1. Thanks for the info.

      But once you get through any of these four companies, you can then apply for iSoftstone, they don’t give a shit. :).

  9. I have a question.
    Does Appen and Lionbridge restrict evaluator to work for limited time in a month?

    1. I haven’t work with Appen or Lionbridge as a Search Engine Evaluator or Social Media Evaluator because once you work with Leapforce you can’t work for similar projects (with same clients) in different companies. I have worked with Appen for other projects not related to Search Engine Evaluation.

      But they shouldn’t have any restrictions on how much you can work as long as you perform quality work. Same is the case with Leapforce. You can work for 200+ hours with Leapforce as long as you maintain high quality work.

      But I do know of the fact that for Social Media Evaluation job, the work time is limited. But for Search Engine Evaluation, it shouldn’t be the case, even with Appen or Lionbridge. I am not 100% sure though.

      1. I sent my application to Leapforce almost 3 months ago but still there’s no reply from them why?
        Another question is that why there is a bold note in starting of page when we select our country as India with either English or Hindi language, ” This position is restricted to current residents of India.” I don’t know WHY? I’m giving my email so you can give me proper guidance.

        Thank you

        1. Hey Kishan,

          They may take anywhere from 1 -6 months to process your application.

          “This position is restricted to current residents of India” means that only Indians who have lived in India continuously for 5 or more years can work in these positions.

  10. Great work. thanks alot

    1. You’re welcome. Did you find any company that hires from Ghana or not?

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