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So January is officially over and here I come again with yet another income report for this month. You should expect this every month as I want my blog to be really transparent and helpful. No over-the-top claims and all those BS.

Why do I reveal my income each month?

Well there are few reasons –

  • These income reports will reflect my journey as I look to diversify my income sources and also increase the overall income with time.
  • It will help me in reflecting how my last month went, the mistakes I made and things I need to do to improve on it.
  • And to give you, my reader, an absolutely honest and unbiased report on everything that I set out to do.
  • To help you emulate what I am doing and give you an extra side income.

Leapforce Search Engine Evaluator Income – January 

  • Total hours worked        –       85 hours 30 mins
  • Total billed ($7 per hour)  –   $598.49
  • Income from this blog       –  $0.00
  • Other Freelance income   –   $10.00
  • Total Income                      –    $ 608.49


Target that I had set out last month –

  • Bring in $1000   – Fail
  • 10 blog posts      –  Fail
  • Learn CSS in Codecademy – A little progress.


Looking at the figures above makes me sick. I set out to bring in about $1000 this month but I couldn’t. I feel terrible about it. I mean I just worked like 2 and half hours every day which is terrible considering the fact that I could work 10 hours during nigh shifts.

One of my colleague in Leapforce (from Delhi) worked for 200+ hours, meaning he earned $1400+ this month ! I feel ashamed in front of him. I really do.

That is the downside of freelancing unless you are extremely self-disciplined and productive. You’ve no boss to micro-manage you, no constant pressure or nagging from someone else – all these makes one complacent. And it sucks, it really does.

The good thing –

There was one good thing that I achieved last month which is to bring in an additional $10 in just 15 minutes of work. It was awesome. Here is what I did.

I had joined Usertesting like a long, long ago but had never used it before. It is a website/app where you can review websites or apps by speaking out loud to a headphone. There are instructions on how to go about it, which are pretty clear and concise.

So I thought, why not give it a try, right? I got an email saying that there is a new test for me, I logged in the app and tested an app. It took me 15 minutes to get it done and I got paid $10 through PayPal.

Here is the screenshot.


Zoom in to see, if you can’t see it clearly.

If you want to try out Usertesing, click here –   USERTESTING 

Downside of Usertesting is that tests are rare and you can’t expect to make much out of it.

There is one more thing that I did last month – Bitcoin Trading. 

If you haven’t heard about Bitcoin, then you are in the past ! Seriously. I mean it. Bitcoin is the future currency.

It is accepted as money by Microsoft, Dell, PayPal, Expedia and countless other merchants. Hell, they even have a Bitcoin ATM in California.

Here is how money is evolving –

Barter =>>Silver, Gold=>>Cash=>>Debit Cards/Credit Cards=>>Wallet=>>Bitcoins

What I did was, I downloaded a trusted app Zebpay, which is the leading Bitcoin trading app in India with an annual turnover of over 100 crores. I did a document verification and started trading. I traded last month as well and could have made over 24% profit. But I didn’t know “buy low and sell high” then.

Here is the screenshot of the transaction –

Zebpay Investment.

I bought Bitcoin for 3000 and sold it for 3032 Rs as you can see in the screenshot. It was a profit of 1% in just 10 days. Imagine if I had invested 200,000 in it. I would have got 2000 Rs in just 10 days.

The biggest mistake I made was not selling during New Year’s time. There was profit of more than 25% during that time in just over 20 days after I bought Bitcoins for 2000 Rs.

Bitcoins are limited, only over 21 million of them will be made available to the entire world. And over 18 million has already been released in the market. It therefore has an intrinsic value to it and its value has increase so much in the past 3/4 years.

During 2012/13 Bitcoin had no value. Now, 1 Bitcoin = 68,837 (at the time of this writing). And its value will increase with the depletion of Bitcoins.

If you want to try out Bitcoin trading, you can download this app –


You will get free bits (1 Bitcoin = 1000000 bits) worth Rs 100 on your first purchase.

I am not looking to save money in the bank anymore. I am looking to invest everything in Bitcoin, because it is the future ! And I don’t wanna be left out.

Alright, that wraps up the income report for this month. I will be back with an exciting detail on a project that I am working on at the moment. I’ll share everything on how it goes.


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