Leapforce Scam Alert !

Leapforce Scam Alert !

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There has been a major scam popping up recently. No, I am not saying that Leapfoce is a scam.

Leapforce is not a scam.

But there are some scamsters trying to take advantage of people who have signed up with Leapforce and are yet to hear back from them.

They are also trying to take advantage of people who have failed the Leapforce qualification test on their first attempt.

Here is how the scamters are trying to rip off money from people.

1) They make fake Facebook accounts and ping people with the offer of job, saying guaranteed income of at least Rs 20-30,000 or $500-$1000 (they will adjust the currency according to your country) a month working for Leapforce ( and other companies).

No profile picture, English names, very few friends, etc, are the indicators of a fake Facebook profiles. 

2) They will ask for your referral IDs (in case you are actively working for Leapforce) so that they can put it in their websites and make affiliate commissions.

3) They will take money from you beforehand, before the Leapforce qualification exam even starts and may simply disappear, without ever getting back to you.

4) They may even claim that they are from Leapforce.


Leapforce will only coctact you from email addresses like these –

         [email protected]

         xyz…@leapforceathome.com { xyz… meaning anything like support, agent, etc }

But they will never ever ping you in Facebook.

So whenever you see such pings on your Facebook messenger, please let me know. I will take this up with Leapforce and try and track them down, if possible.


I fucking hate scammers, liers and cheaters. They are fucking scum in the face of this planet!


What is hurting me even more is that, they most likely are Indians.


Why you shouldn’t fall for this trap?


1) If you’ve been waiting for the last 2-3 months to hear back from Leapforce, I got a bad news for you. The wait time can be anywhere from 1-6 months. You can check the status of your application here –



On the top of the right hand side, there is a check application status link, below Enrol Now button.

If you don’t hear back from them in 6 months, you can re-apply again with the same gmail.


2) You may lose thousands in this stupid scam. They will take money from you and may never get back to you.

3) The test questions are updated and changed in every exam. So even if they have the answers, there is no guarantee that you will get the same questions as they did. And hence you will fail plus lose your money if you pay them. Another lose-lose situation here. 

4) If you can’t crack the Leapforce Qualification Test, then you are not meant for this job. Even if you somehow get into it, say by paying these scums, you will be kicked out in few weeks’ time. 


Because Leapforce needs high quality works. And to do a high quality work, you need to have an aptitude level of at least cracking the qualification test.

When you can’t even crack the exam, you won’t do high quality works. And I can bet my life to it, that you will be kicked out of Leapforce in weeks.

5) Lastly, it is about integrity and being a man( or a woman). It is about being truthful and honest. 

Would you be glad to work at something knowing that you cheated your way in to it?

Would you want to appear for few days and disappear again from Leapforce, because you will most likely be kicked out for quality issues?

Cheating only cheats you and no one else.


What you should do when you come across it?


Please comment below  and give me as much details as possible. I will make sure that actions are taken against them. I will take this up with Leapforce.


Edit Sept 25th 2018.

This email [email protected] is a scam. A reader posted below saying that he was contacted by this person.

Notice that email, it ends with “gmail.com”

I spoke to that person in gmail, that’s where he apparently hangs out, and he was claiming to be Barry Ames and from Leapforce. He is not !

Leapforce don’t do recruitment in Google Hangout.

And Leapforce’s email will always end with “@leapforceathome.com” Its also a bit confusing, because it is not just “@leapforce.com” but “@leapforce at home .com” without spaces of course.

And regarding exam, they will always contact you via this email –

[email protected]


27th Nov 2018 Update – 

Leapforce was acquired by Appen towards the end of last year. Since then, their website url has been changed to “https://connect.appen.com/qrp/public/home” and they are no longer called “Leapforce”

The website has the big bold “APPEN” on it and its logo.

And most importantly, their official email, no longer ends with “…[email protected]leapforceathome.com” as mentioned above.

Now it looks something like this –

[email protected]

                                                                            [email protected]

So any official email communications regarding working with Leapforce/Appen would come from email ending with “appen.com”


Also they don’t require any investment or upfront payment for equipment or anything of that sort. And they don’t ask for money in the form of Google Pay, iTunes card or anything of that sort.

Please don’t be scammed and do report the scammers, their emails, facebook links, etc via comments below. 

Let us help one another.


Sam Narzary

The author has been an active Google Rater and a location-independent blogger since June 2016. I like anything that frees one from corporate slavery, 9-5 grind, soul-sucking and dream crashing routine.

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  1. I was contacted via Google Hangouts with the email address of [email protected] and unfortunately I wasted $60 on Amazon gift cards for a G1 tracker (after responding to a Facebook ad for jobs hiring). I was hired to work for Leapforce Inc and told that I would be an employee not a contractor. I even gave out personal information not realizing I can be scammed. I’m such an idiot but I’m hoping nothing major happens.

    1. Aahhhh… sorry to hear that. please report them to police if possible. Identity theft can be pretty dangerous in USA.

  2. I am enrolled in care.com (babysitting app) and someone with the Name Barry Ames messaged me and told me to email them with the email [email protected] so i could coordinate with them to babysit their children, i had a weird feeling about the odd email and just randomly decided to google it. Im glad i did, i knew the pay was too good to be true. lol.
    P.S- their account on Care.com was removed before i could even reply back.

  3. my name is David Dawson my email address is [email protected]. i was offered through a friend who knew this lady and was given a code to reach her. she was using the name Megan Bjerke at [email protected]. she gave me 16 easy questions to answer and when i did she welcome me aboard on behalf of leap force and her. her questions to me were short and misleading plus very vague. she asked for $100.00 in google play cards for equipment and it would be shipped directly to my house. i was very concerned about this but was assured by my friend she on the up and up. i asked her if there were any more fees and was told no and once i got the $100.00 google play cards she now is asking for another $50.00 for shipping because my equipment was processed but needed money for shipping. when i questioned her about this she never replied by and when i emailed her directly her email was blocked. have i been scammed or what. does she really work for you. the only name i have at this point is Megan Bjerke. my friend knows her from face book and i have another friend who knows her from face book as well. i have a phone number she has tried to call me on and that is 1 252 651 1765 and it is listed as being from north Carolina. i have only spent $100.00 for the equipment. if she is not with your company i sure wish there was away i could get my $100.00. i am looking for work and am very broke and really could not afford spending that kind of money. please let me know about her thank you David Dawson

    1. Hi David, I am so sorry that you had to go through this. Yes you have been scammed, and your friend helped that scammer to scam you unfortunately.

      I am not from Leapforce sir. I only work here and my only intention is to help people be aware of such scammers and not be scammed by them.

      There is unfortunately, nothing that I or anyone from Leapforce can do about it. I have submitted hundreds of scam emails to them – it seems like they don’t have the manpower or the time ( or may the intent) to go out after these scammers.

      It is up to us to be aware and vigilant against these scammers.

      And Leapforce don’t require any payment or equipment to start your qualification test. Please don’t pay the remaining $50 that she is asking for.

      And please know that, Leapforce as a company no longer exists. They have been acquired by an Australian company called Appen.

      Here are the links to sign up with them –

      If you are an American, and wants to work as a search engine evaluator (it has a very tough qualification test) you can sign up here – https://raterlabs.appen.com/qrp/public/job/view/en_US

      If you are an American or from any country and wants to look for other online jobs that don’t have a very tough qualification test, you can check out here –


      You can also check out other similar companies that are hiring at the moment –


      They don’t require any investment or payments.

      Let me know if you need any help. 🙂

  4. Donnamichelle55 on hangouts was just trying to scam me. Someone from Facebook messenger is giving out the info for hangouts.

  5. Hello,
    From the below mail I received the same above content.
    [email protected]
    Could anyone help me whether anyone came across?

  6. So there was a post on Facebook for a job and you had to message this guy (Joe oldakowski) and he would send you an application. I messaged him and he said I needed the app Google Hangouts and game me this email to message on there [email protected]… Once I messaged it Terry Christian came on and said welcome to the interview department and asked if i was ready to answer some questions. Then he needed some information and a pic of my driver’s license! Then he said after due consideration I was hired! Please is this a scam ???

    1. Yes ! . It is . No company would hire with a gmail. Look out for all the official emails listed above. Plus, nothing takes place over Google hangouts. Everything is via official email.

  7. ialmost fell for it im glad i just read this

  8. Ok so I thought it was a real job..these pathetic ducks even showing me pics of the supplies but they asking me for $150 in google play cards for shipping fees

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