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Updated on 14th Feb 2019.

Introduction: Complete overview and review of Leapforce by a Leapforce agent.

I’ve worked worked with Leapforce for almost two years now and I am in a position to talk with expertise and authority on the subject. Leapforce has been a life-saver to me in many ways and it probably has been for a lot of people. Since there is no authoritative review on it, I am gonna dissect Leapforce and give you an inside info about it. This is gonna be long. Hang in there.

Company location & CEO :

Leapforce is a US based MNC located in Pleasanton, California. Here is their complete corporate address –

5050 Hopyard Road
Suite #425
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Phone: (925) 730-0073
Fax: (925) 730-0074

The current CEO of Leapforce is former Google employee, Daren Jackson. They only have about 21 full-time employee despite having generated almost $58 million in revenue in 2017 alone.

Number of Raters Worldwide:

All the workers of Leapforce, myself included, are known as independent contractors or simply (Google) raters. We are not employees, meaning we do not get any benefits and we are liable for our own taxes. At the time of writing this, there were over 10,000+ raters all over the world.

Countries and Languages Leapforce hires for :

  • Australia – English.
  • Belarus – Russian.
  • Belgium – Dutch
  • Brazil – Portuguese
  • Canada – Chinese Simplified Language, English, French.
  • China – Chinese Simplified Language.
  • Denmark – Danish.
  • Egypt – Arabic Language.
  • France – French.
  • Finland – Finnish.
  • Greece – Greek.
  • Germany – German.
  • Hong Kong – Chinese Traditional Language.
  • Hungary – Hungarian.
  • India – English, Hindi.
  • Indonesia – Indonesian
  • Ireland – English
  • Israel – Hebrew.
  • Italy – Italian.
  • Japan – Japanese.
  • Kazakhstan – Russian.
  • Mexico – Spanish.
  • Netherlands – Dutch.
  • Norway – Norwegian
  • Philippines – English.
  • Portugal – Portuguese.
  • Russia – Russian.
  • Singapore – English.
  • South Korea- Korean.
  • Spain – Spanish.
  • Sweden – Swedish.
  • Switzerland – German.
  • Taiwan – Chinese Traditional Language.
  • Thailand – Thai
  • Turkey – Turkish.
  • Ukraine – Russian.
  • United kingdom – English.
  • United States – English, Persian, Spanish.
  • Vietnam – Vietnamese.

Application Processing Time :

The frequent question that I always get from my readers is – When will Leapforce get back to me? They always say that it has been months since I applied but I am yet to hear back from them. Here is my answer to that –

Leapforce takes anywhere from few days to six months to get back to you. In my time, it was quick as few people knew about it back then. Now that they are famous (thanks to me), they get thousands of applications every day and it is hard for them to process all of it at once. They are only like two dozen of them working full-time. Moreover, it depends on what type of candidate it’s client (Google or Facebook) is looking for.

If you don’t hear back from them in six months, you can re-apply again with the same gmail.

To ensure that your application is not rejected, read this first.

Pay Rates :

Pay rates differ from continent to continent. Raters from developed countries are paid more for obvious reasons.

  • US and Other Americas – $13.5 per hour.
  • UK and some European countries – $14 per hour.
  • India and most Asian countries – $7 per hour.

In India, they pay through Western Union while in America they pay through direct deposit. In Brazil, they used to pay with PayPal and too bad for them, they used to get ripped off by PayPal ( they got massive transaction charges). Now they are fortunately getting better rates. I think Leapfore has negotiated with PayPal for less transaction charges.

They payment cycle is NET 30 days, meaning they will pay you within 30 days after your invoice has been approved. Indians normally gets paid by the third or the last week of every month, without fail. Americans get paid even faster.

Qualification Test and Exam Patterns:

The qualification test for Leapforce (or Lionbridge) is one of the toughest exam that I have ever written. Trust me, I’ve appeared for a lot of them.

Leapforce makes it amply clear, right in the application page, that it is not an easy exam. Hundreds of people appear for it every week and a very few people get through. It is required to make the exam tough to weed out the incompetent ones, so that only the best and the brightest ones gets through.

The qualification test consists of three parts :

  • Theoretical Part : This is a MCQ based on the General Guidelines.
  • Practical Part I : A Practical exam based on the first part of the General Guidelines that requires a PC, Mac or a Chromebook.
  • Practical Part II : A practical exam based on the second part of the General Guidelines that requires a smartphone ( Android or iOS) and a PC, Mac or a Chomebook.

Here is an in-depth guide on how to crack Leapforce exam.


I tend to be a little biased towards Leapforce as I work here, but I will try to be as objective as I can. Here are the pros of working with Leapforce –

1) Competitive Pay Rates :

The pay rates of Leapforce is one of the best in the industry. If we compare its competitors from the perspective of an Indian search engine evaluator, Leapforce’s pay rates is the best. Let me illustrate my point :

Appen pay rate : $3.5/hr.

Lionbridge pay rate : $6.81/hr (English).

Lionbridge pay rate : approx. $8/hr (Hindi).

Leapforce pay rate : $7/hr (English & Hindi).

The situation is roughly similar for search engine evaluators of other countries as well.

This is how their pay rates looks like –

US and Canadian raters – $13.5 / hr

UK and few select Europeans – $14/hr

Brazil – $10.5/hr.

Mexico – $8/hr.

Japan – $14/hr.

Indonesia – $6/hr.

Russia – $8/hr.


Leapforce has reduced the pay rate to $3 per hour for Indians after its acquisition by Appen.


2) Always Pays On Time :

Leapforce pays the payment in NET 30 days. In other words, they clear the invoices on or before 30 days after the invoice has been approved.

They say it to be NET 30 days, but in reality it is like NET 12 days. Because our invoices of the previous month gets approved by the early second week of the current month and we are paid by the late third week or the last week of the current month. And may I add – Without Fail.

3) Support System :

The support system of Leapforce is awesome. You got a problem with quality, shoot an email to quaity. You got an issue with finances, shoot an email to finance team. You want to go on a tour and not work for few days or weeks, no problem. Just shoot them an email.

You wil get a response within a maximum of three days.

Moreover Leapforce has its own Social Forum inside where people can introduce themselves, post questions, or anything that may or may not be related to the work that we do.

Leapforce also got a chat system where we can chat with fellow evaluators from the same country or from other countries around the world.

4) Environment :

Politics Free !

Aren’t we all tired of all the shitty political posts that we see in our Facebook wall already? Haven’t we had enough of hatred, fake news, half-truths, post-truths, propagandas, gaalis, etc in our Facebook wall?

We have had enough, right !

Thank goodness, we don’t have to or want to discuss politics inside Leapforce. An occasional post veering towards controversial topics likely to incite and excite people makes its way to the social posts, but they are quickly inundated by good, relevant and well-intentioned posts of the community members.

No swearing, no bashing of people because of their religion, race, caste, creed,etc takes place inside. There are moderators to ensure that the highest form of civility is maintained.

All in all, I really like being a part of this community.

5) No Fixed Weekly Hours :

Unlike in Lionbrige, where evauators have to work for a minimum of 10 hours per week, you don’t have any set weekly hours in Leapforce.

You don’t want to work this week, don’t. You wanna work for 60 hours next week, you can ( as long as there is task available).

You only have to complete a set number of tasks in 30 days period, which by the way is very easy to complete.

6) Location Independence :

Work from anywhere, anytime.

This, in my opinion, is the best feature of Leapforce.

You are on a tour and wants to work from your hotel room, you can do that ( as long as you are inside the room).

The beauty of working with Leapforce or working online is that our life doesn’t revolve around our work.

Its our work that revolves around our life.


While working with Leapforce has many benefits, it also comes with some cons. I’ve outlined some of the common issues that people face while working for Leapforce.

1) Not An Employee:

You aren’t an employee of Leapforce meaning you don’t have any benefits. You are an independent contractor responsible for your own taxes.

Your contract is only for the period of 6 months. Its renewal depends on the quality of your work. So there is a constant fear of your contract not being renewed.

That being said, I know many people who has been working with Leapforce for like 8 years now.

2) Quality Checks:

Of all the competitors, Leapforce has the most stringent and consistent quality checks.

People literally live in constant and mortal fear of monthly quality reviews.

There is a monthly quality check which would determine how many hours you can work in a month.

There is also weekly quality checks by bots which can restrict one’s hours depending on how serious the mistake or errors committed by the rater is. Again there is quaity checks by the seasoned raters of Leapforce. It doesn’t affect the working hours though.

One has to maintain a consistent quality level to get his/her contract renewed for another six months.

Leapforce is lenient during the first 6 months though.

3) Task Availability :

The task availability varies according to countries, time of the day, or month of the year.

There were some months, where I had had to literally run and grab the tasks before they were gone.

There were some months when I felt so inundated by massive task volume that I had to literally walk away from my desk. It is not that I have to finish all of them,it was just a feeling of being drowned on it.

Weekends and US holidays are normally dry days, meaning less or no tasks flow.

4) Split, Acquisition :

In June 2017, an exclusive Leapforce like company or website was created only for American raters of Leapforce ( and Lionbridge).

It is called Raterlabs. If you check its landing page, you will see that it looks exactly like Leapforce.

The split of Leapforce led to migration of most of the US raters of Leapforce ( and Lionbridge) to Raterlabs. It caused the support staff of Leapforce to be spread thin and wide, as they had to look out for both Leapforce and Raterlabs. As a result, the weekly Live Chats that we previously had in Leapforce, stopped.

The most shocking news was the acquisition of Leapforce by Appen. We came to know about it through an email sent to us by the CEO of Leapforce Daren Jackson.

There was and there still is a lot of apprehensions about the acquisition. Many (Indians)fear that our pay rates might be reduced to $3.5/hr. It is yet to happen though.

On the flip side, others are optimistic and point to the fact that we may get more projects, now that Appen has acquired it.


While there are some cons of working for Leapforce, I think it has far more benefits. While it is scary if we think of its 6 months’ contract, I have been working with them since June, 2016. It is a proof that it is possible to maintain quality work and get your contract renewed.

And also I can’t think of any other better paying work-at-home opportunity than this.