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It has been over three months now since I last posted something here.

Damn, a lot of things happened in between. A good friend of mine passed away on 21st July, the day after Chester Bennington committed suicide. It was just surreal for me.

RIP brother. 

Alright, on to income report now.

Income report for June,17– 

Total hours worked  –  123 hours 9 mins

Total amount billed  –   $862.06

Income report for July,17-  

Total hours worked  –  82 hours 59 mins

Total amount billed  –  $580.88

Income report for August,17 – 

Total hours worked – 23 hours 24 mins

Total amount billed – $163.80

Income from this blog – $25

Analysis of July-

I have been listening to Linkin Park since I was a kid. And when Chester, their lead singer committed suicide on July 20th, it affected me a lot. And the very next day, a good friend of mine( my classmate) passed away.

Man, it was just too much to take. It affected me mentally, affected my work and made me realize how short our lives are. I haven’t spoken to him in like years now and never knew that he was in depression. I regret not speaking to him for such a long time.

If you got old friends that you haven’t spoken in a while, call them up, text them, talk to them. You never know what may happen when.

I normally tend to pick up pace towards the end of every month. I couldn’t in the month of July due to all these incidents.

Analysis of August –

I went home( Assam) on 3rd August to attend my friend’s funeral ceremony. The ceremony was on 5th August. Got to meet some old friends from my school years. It was a bitter sweet moment, was glad to meet so many old friends but sad that one of us was no more.

After I returned from the funeral ceremony, I had a bike accident. Was a little drunk I must admit, but wasn’t completely drunk. Fell on the right side, my right hand from shoulder till my index finger suffered bruises, abrasions, and I probably tore my tricep muscle. Had bruises all over my right knees too, no broken bones though. Did my friend pull me down?

But something good happened that month in spite of all the bad things.

This blog finally made money. I made $25 ! Yeah.

From now on, I am going to be blogging about lot of other topics and would be focusing in growing the diversity of topics that I cover in this blog. Till now, all that I have been doing was talk about Search Engine Evaluator and Social Media Evaluator.

It feels like I have kind of plateaued on what to write.

There is a reason why I named this blog “Outside That Cubicle”. There are endless ways to make money online and all that I have been focusing on is a very niched topic. And I got to justify the name of this blog. So expect more blog posts on wide ranging topics from now on.

Until next time, Peace.