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The last time I posted Leapforce Income report, it was on Oct 8th 2017. Here it is if you want to make sure

June, July & August Income Report

Damn ! Time flies away so fast. I felt like I have abandoned this site for far too long.

But hey, better late than never. I’m back with yet another Income report.

It is impossible to present or list out all the months’ income reports here. So I will just be sticking with the worst and the best incomes.

Please note that I would be using the term Leapforce and Appen interchangeably, they both mean the same thing.

The worst Leapforce income ever-

April 2018 Leapforce Income – $174.58

What the heck happened?

Well, I was working for uTest in a Social Media Research Project, promoting an app from the world’s largest social media company. The app was supposed to pay me $5 per month for keeping the app installed on my phone.

And for each referral, it was supposed to pay me  $10 per referral, per month every month. Plus there was a bonus of $20 for every 5th referral.

I referred like thousands hoping to make thousands of dollars.

1000 referrals should have brought me $14,000+ every month as long as those referrals had the app installed.

I heard a lot of positive things about uTest. The project itself was good, but the Project Managers, not so good.

They scrubbed my leads (referrals) a lot claiming that only these much (around 40) referrals are qualified leads.

I didn’t even make $1000 in total.

So the whole month of April 2018, I was busy promoting this app, answering questions from interested people, posting ads on Naukri, doing everything to hit 1000 referrals.

I wasted so much time and money but got back nothing in return.

Social Media Research Project by uTest was genuine, but the project managers cheated me and a lot of people.

I regretted promoting their app. I should have made a better decision

The best Leapforce Income ever

Moving on from that worst ever income, I began to focus more on Leapforce.

I became so focused and so obsessed that I was just working and working like hell man.

And being obsesses and focused, finally paid off. I finally began to make over 1 lakh per month over $1500+

Here are my best months –


  • Leapforce Income August 2018 –  $1503.83  

I worked 214 hours, 50 mins that month. At the rate of $7 per hour, I made $1503.83. I got paid like  1.08 lakh in Indian rupees, which is a lot of money. It came towards the last week of September. The payment came via Western Union. That was our last payment via Western Union. From the next month, we got paid via Payoneer.

If you were working for Leapforce in some other countries like, European countries, you would have made $3,000 approximately because they are paid like $13.4 to $14 per hour as opposed to $7 in India.


  • Leapforce Income September 2018 – $1571.71

I worked 213 hours 49  mins in the month of September. I worked less than the previous month but I got paid $75 more.

That’s because of my the referral bonus of $25 that you get for each qualified referral. Cool extra income huh.

So we got paid in October last week via Payoneer. I got paid like 1.12 lakhs approximately.


  • Leapforce Income October  2018 – $2007.03

This is a whole another level. This is insane I worked almost 300 hours that month. I don’t think any normal employee could do it. But if you worked from home, its possible.

If anybody that looks like you can do it, you can too.

I always remembered what billionaire entrepreneur  Elon Musk says about hard work –

Work like hell. If others are putting in 4o hours workweek, you put in 70-80 hours work weeks.

Here is the man himself-

Credit - Vator 

His words “Work like hell”, always rang in my ears. It got inside me man. It took control of me and I became obsessed with productivity and hard work.

I worked 283 hours 9 mins in the month of October. Got $25 bonus as well.

My goal was to work 300 hours and make a cool $2100. But I couldn’t do it.

Looking back, I am like just “wow” at my own efforts.

Made 1.4o lakh that month.

We got paid pretty early in November as Leapforce ( now Appen) switched the payment method from Western Union to Payoneer.

Previously we used to be paid under NET30 terms and conditions, meaning within 30 days after invoice approval.

But after switching to Payoneer from October itself, we started to get paid as early as 14th of every month which is good. The  bad thing was that they started to charge as $3 as a load fee, meaning every time, we got paid via Payoneer, they would pay us $3 less.

As you will see in the screenshot below, all the payments that I received via Payoneer are $3 less than the figures shown above.

The next two months i.e. November and December, I made $1436.23 (1 lakh+)  and $784.73 respectively.

December was understandable because of holidays and other stuffs. There were very less tasks as all the admins goes for Christmas holidays and New Years too.

And I was also at home taking care of Christmas and other related stuffs ( been home since March 2018).

So how is my 2019 so far?

January 2019 started in a really bad note.

Firstly, my routine affected due to Christmas holidays. Secondly, I got logged out of my Google account on 5th January 2019.

I am still not able to logged back in to my Chrome in PC. I am still logged in to both of my phones though. But I need to be logged in to Desktop to be able to continue working for Leapforce.

Resetting password doesn’t help. I have to fill in their account recovery form, which asks me for

  • last password change.
  • tap the device option
  • enter phone number
  • enter OTP sent
  • authenticator code

and so on

Tried like five or six times to recover it. All that I get from Google is “Google couldn’t verify you”

I tried it one more time last night, fingers crossed on what is going to happen next. If it doesn’t work out, I will escalate it to Google Account Recovery specialist. They will either say “yes or no” and that will be the end of it.

It is scary how my entire existence depends on a single password.

I am telling you these, so that you write down your password and keep it safe. I had always thought that if I forget the password, so what, I can always reset it right. Not always.

Sorry to deviate from the main topic. Had to tell you that because I care for you.

So where is the Leapforce Income Payment Proof?

Here is  the screenshots of my latest Leapforce/ Appen income –

It is taken right from Payoneer transaction page –

Leapforce/Appen payment proof

If you are viewing this on your mobile, download the image first, then zoom in and see.

Payoneer gives you an option to print out your transactions. This is a screenshot from there.

You can see the url, it says that it is from Payoneer. I am always for honesty and integrity of my blog. You can read through all my income reports, you would find out what integrity of this blog means to me.

Previously, we used to be paid via Western Union, after Leapforce’s acquisition by Appen, they switched it to Payoneer making it possible for me to post the screenshot above.


Let me do something even better. Here is a video of me logging in to my Payoneer account and showing you the payments that I got from Leapforce Aka Appen.


This wraps up the long overdue Leapforce Income Report.

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