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10 Instant Payout Surveys: Surveys That Pay Instantly in 2020

10 Instant Payout Surveys: Surveys That Pay Instantly in 2020

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Looking for survey sites that pay out instantly? Tired of all those blog posts where they say that these surveys pays out cash instantly but when you read through you find that these survey sites need at least $10 to pay out? Dhuh..

If you said yes to questions above, then you are at the right place.

Here are the surveys that pays cash instantly as soon as the surveys are completed. Like literally.

Most of these survey sites has no minimum payout threshold while some got very little payout threshold, no more than $2.

Here are the top 10 survey sites that pay instantly

Pinecone Research
Survey Rewardz
Opinion Outpost
Prize Rebel
Survey Time
Darwin’s Data

Now the above surveys that pay instantly are discussed below in brief :

1 Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research Survey Site

Pays $3 per survey and up to $6 for product testing. They pay out after every survey, no need to wait to reach a certain threshold.

Pinecone Research, a part of Neilsen Market Research company is a well-known survey site that is an exclusive, invite-only survey site.

It is a very well-known survey site that pays instantly to PayPal as soon as the survey is completed. Other means of payment are via Amazon Gift cards, Visa Cards, Checks and others.

As highlighted above, they pay $3 for every survey, and up to $6 for product testing projects. Most of the surveys lasts for 10-15 mins in duration.

Sign Up For Pinecone Research below –

  • If you are from US, is 18 – 34, Sign Up HERE
  • If you are from US, is Hispanic 18 -24 Male, Sign Up HERE
  • If you are from UK, is 18 – 34, Sign UP HERE
  • If you are from Canada, speaks French, Sign UP HERE
  • If you are from Canada, speaks English, Sign Up HERE
  • If you are from Germany, is 18 – 44 Females, Sign UP HERE
  • If you are any other German, Sign Up HERE

2. Survey Rewardz

Instant Payout survey

Cash out as little as $1, unlike other survey sites where it takes ages to reach the minimum payout requirement.

Survey Rewardz is survey company owned by Points2Shop LLC. They claim to be one of the highest paying survey sites out there, where they claim to pay as much as $30 per survey.

The best part about them is that you can cash out as little as $1 via PayPal and as little as $2 via Gift Cards. No need to wait for ages to cash out unlike in other survey sites.

Sign Up For Survey Rewardz Below –

  • If you are from US, UK, AU, Canada, Sign Up HERE

3. Opinion Outpost

Fastest payment processing in the industry, literally takes minutes to get paid.

Opinion Outpost is known as one of the fastest paying survey sites in the world in which you can see the payment within minutes of requesting for it.

You need at at least 50 points to cash out, 50 points = $5. Most of the surveys pays at least 50 points or more.

As soon as you reach 50 points, you can request for a payout which you will immediately see in your account.

What is even more enticing is the fact that you get $1 for every person that you refer. So sign up below –

Sign Up Below –

  • If you are from US, Sign UP HERE
  • If you are from UK, Sign Up HERE
  • If you are from Canada and speaks English, Sign Up HERE
  • If you are from Canada, speaks French, Sign Up HERE

4. InstaGC

Cash out as little as $1 and get paid instantly.

This is a well-known Get-Paid-To (GTP) site where you get paid points for taking part in various tasks as such as – completing surveys, watching videos, taking part in trials,etc.

They also got a refer a friend program where you get 10% (for life !) of how much your referral makes.

You only need $1 to redeem as a gift card or cash out via PayPal.

The first cash out via PayPal may take few hours or days. Mine took around 3/4 hours for them to send me the payment to my PayPal account.

This is personally, my favorite instant payout survey site as they hire worldwide and pays quickly.

Here is one of the of the screenshots of payout they sent me.

InstaGC PayPal Payment. InstaGC takes just
InstaGC PayPal payment

After the first payment which may take up to 4-5 hours, you get paid instantly every time you request for a cash out.

Sign Up Below –

  • You can sign up HERE

N.B. They hire worldwide.

5. Superpay.me

Superpay.me is one of the highest rated instant paid survey sites in TrustPilot.

Even as little as $1 can be cashed out and one get’s paid instantly !

Superpay.me is one of the highest rated instant paid surveys in the entire industry. They are rated 4.5/5 in TrustPilot with over 1164 ratings as of 27th Feb 2020.

This is not only a survey site as it has multiple ways to make money like –

  • taking surveys
  • completing offers from partner companies
  • watching videos
  • signing up for trails and so on.

They also pay 25% of your referral’s earning.

Here is the best part – you only need $1 to cash out via PayPal or redeem a gift card from hundreds of gift card options.

It is one of my personal favorites besides InstaGC above.

I requested for a payout and I got it within 10 mins ! My next payments will be instantaneous as long as I’ve at least $1 to cash out.

Here is the screenshot of the payment they sent me –

Superpay.me is one of those surveys that pays through PayPal instantly.

What are you waiting for?

Sign Up Below and get $0.20 bonus now!

N.B. They hire worldwide.

6. Prize Rebel

Instant Payout Survey Site - Prize Rebel

GTP site where you can cash out/redeem as little as $1-2 within 10 mins.

This survey site has multiple avenues to earn money online apart from normal surveys such as – taking part in trials, watching videos, playing games, installing apps, etc.

For tasks that you complete, you get rewarded in points, which in turn can be redeemed as gift cards or as cash via PayPal.

You need just 200 points to redeem for $2 Amazon gift card. Cash payment via PayPal needs at least 500 points.

In some countries, you can even redeem 100 points. Like in my country India, I have an option to redeem 100 points for 100 Rs, which equals to $1.40.

See the image below here –

Instant payout survey that pays within 10 mins.

All payments are processed within 24 hours, but gold members gets paid within 10 mins!

Sign Up Below –

  • If you are from US, Sign UP HERE
  • From any other countries, Sign Up HERE

N.B. They hire worldwide.

7. Survey Time

Get paid $1 for every survey that you complete, and get paid instantly!

Rated 4.4/5 in TrustPilot, this survey site pays $1 for every survey that you complete, be it for 4 mins or 7 mins long.

The best part is, the $1 amount is credited to your account as you soon as you complete the survey. And you can cash out immediately.

Survey Time is one of the best survey site that pays cash instantly via PayPal or via gift cards.

Sign Up For Survey Time Below –

  • If you are from US, China, Poland, Spain, Germany, Portugal, you can Sign Up HERE

8. Forthright

Survey Site That Pay Instantly.

Absolutely no minimum required to get paid. Cash out any amount instantly.

Fortright is one of those survey sites where you don’t need to reach any payout amount to request for a payout.

Whatever amount you get paid after every survey can be cashed out via PayPal or as gift cards instantly.

A typical survey pays between $1-$3 and lasts 10 -15 mins.

Sign Up Below –

  • You can Sign Up HERE

N.B. They seem to hire worldwide.

9.Darwin’s Data

Get paid $25 for each completed survey. No minimums

Darwin’s Data claims to pay $25 Tango Gift Card per survey and they claim to pay out as soon as the survey is completed. You also get $10 bonus for completing your survey.

However, the surveys takes more than 1 hour and you will be required to watch a legal dispute video and then answer questions without pause.

Also it can’t be completed in a mobile device.

And you will have to request to join, after which they will email you available surveys if any. Don’t expect more than two survey per year.

Request For Sign Up

  • If you are from US, request for an invite HERE

Please note that, they don’t hire from any other countries.

10. Qmee

Get paid instantly as little as $0.1 within mins.

This highly rated survey site pays you for completing surveys, web searches and for online purchases. This is one of those survey site that pays instanly

They pay out as little as $0.1 and as quick as they can – sometimes within seconds of payout request.

However, this survey site is only open to citizens of United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

If you are from the above countries –

Sign Up Below –

Sign Up For Qmee HERE

Final Tips on The Above Surveys That Pays Instantly

  1. Sign up for as many survey sites as possible.
  2. Do not falsify your details, they may terminate your account and not pay you your due.
  3. Sometimes you may be screened out, it is normal. Do not take it personally.

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Do you know of any other survey site that pays out instantly? Please let me know via comment below.

Survey Sites That Pay Instantly

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