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I started working as a Search Engine Evaluator with Leapforce from the second week of June, 2016.  I got to be honest with you, it took quite a while to get adjusted to their user interface and gain the confidence to work properly. Moreover when I first joined Leapforce , my working hours were limited. It happens with every new evaluators.

When you have demonstrated enough quality work, Leapforce will give you an opportunity to work for unlimited time if you are based in India and other third world countries. And if you’re based in US, you can work for 40 hours max per week. That’s because they tend to have more work at all hours compared to other countries like India.

Now, on to the main point.

After six months of working with Leapforce  as a side hustle, I was paid a total of $2750 which was billed for 392.86 hours of total work for six months, averaging 65.48 hours per month.

Now if the same hours were to be billed for an American, he/she would’ve been paid $5303.61 as their hourly rate is $13.5, while for us Indians it is $7 per hour.

So my average income was $458.33 a month which equals more than INR 30,000 every month. And the best part is I was working only 65.48 hours every month! An average Indian working in an MNC works 160 hours, every freaking month! And they make around INR 30,000 every month. I made that in just 66 hours, that’s less than half the hours of an employee working every month.

That’s the beauty of working as a freelancer. You decide how much  you work, you decide when you work and when you stop. You are in control of your income, you decide how much you earn every month.

Your destiny is in your hands, they say. It is only true when your income is in your hands. Your destiny is in your hands only when you, not your boss decides your monthly income or at least a significant part of it.

Now I am not all bossy or bursting with pride at $458.33 average monthly income. Noooo ! Not at all. That would be stupid of me.

But I am proud of the fact that I quit my job and started something of my own. I am proud of the fact that I took a risk without any calculations. I had no emergency fund, I had no money even to live on. I still said no to multiple job offers and kept hustling and fighting each day.

Can I work for 160 hours a month with Leapforce?

Short answer. Yes!

Now you may be wondering, what is the point of working with Leapforce  when you are making only Rs. 30,000 every month. Well there were months where I worked less and there were months where I worked for over 100 hours making nearly Rs. 48,000. Working hours fluctuates, and once you join Leapforce you will know why.

Now is it possible to work for 160 hours a month with Leapforce? Yes! I know of some Indians who does that.

Most of the Americans do it every month.

So even if you work for just 140 hours in India, you can still make $980 which is more than Rs.65,000 in today’s rate.

And if you just want to part time, that’s great. You can have double income along with your regular job. And trust me, even if your regular job doesn’t pay you, Leapforce will always pay you good money on time. Always. Period.

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