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Here I come again with yet another income report for this month. I do this every month to keep myself accountable and also for the sake of transparency and integrity of this blog. There are no false claims and over the top BS here.

Honesty and integrity is the hallmark of this blog. And I will keep it that way throughout my journey.

Alright, here is the breakdown February income report :-

  • Total hours worked                –      46 hours and 4 mins.
  • Total billed ($7 per hour )    –      $322.47
  • Income from this blog          –      0.00
  • Other Freelance Income      –      0.00
  • Total Income                             –      $322.47

I was dreading to reveal this income report but since I am committed to the transparency of this blog, I got no choice but to reveal this.

Hey, I can cranked up the numbers and say that I’ve earned like $1000+ last month, right? No one would know the truth. But I don’t do that. My conscience doesn’t allow me to do that shit. And that would differentiate me from your typical online guru.

What went wrong last month?

Simple. I slacked a lot.

I didn’t work the first week of Feb as I was in Hyderabad for a week to see a good friend who had just returned to India from USA. It was his brother’s marriage.

But apart from that, I could have still managed $700 had I put my heart into it.

What is funny is that, I have already worked for over 25 hours till yesterday 6th March). It is more than half of the total hours that I worked last month !

It had nothing to do with Hyderabad trip. In fact it was something that I needed. I really needed a break from the monotony that I was in. It was getting all mundane. I was getting all worked up and agitated.

What did I achieve last month?

Did you see the design changes in the blog?

Damn I put aside my work in Leapforce to revamp my site. And I am proud of the new design for my home page. I could’ve made it much more fancy with video sliders, animations, etc. But since I am using shared hosting as of now, I don’t wanna put fancy stuffs in my blog. Don’t wanna slow it down.

I used Elegant Themes to design my site. The Divi Builder 3.0 that comes bundled with Elegant Themes is revolutionary. It is amazing how we can create designs right on the front page and see our site as we build it.

You can check out Elegant Themes here and see how easy it is to build websites these days.




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Another thing that I achieved last month is the progress that I have made in learning CSS. I use Codecademy to learn coding. It is a free resource to learn coding. If you are interested in learning coding, do check it out.

Target for March : 

I am breaking every record this month. I am pumped up and I am in a state of zen.

  • Total amount billed – $1400
  • Finish CSS lesson in Codecademy.

My ultimate goal is not to work for $7 an hour. My goal is to be a super affiliate using paid traffic sources. My goal is to make at least $10,000 every month from anywhere in the world and at any time. My goal is to achieve location – independence.

And every month I’m getting closer to my goal as I learn CSS.

You may wonder now as to how learning CSS will make me $10,000 every month. Well, it is not everything that I need to learn. It is a major component of what I am setting out to do in few months’ time from now.

I will reveal everything in the few upcoming months as to how I will make $10,000 each month.

I’m giving myself 6-8 months to achieve it. And everything will be documented here.

That wraps up this month’s income report.

I will be back with another income report next month. Till then –

Love and Peace.