How to start a blog – Step by Step tutorial with video instructions

How to start a blog – Step by Step tutorial with video instructions

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When I first started this website, I had to spend hundreds of hours collecting bits and pieces of info from different sources to finally get this website functioning properly.

I didn’t even know how to set up menus, I didn’t know how to stop spam comments, I didn’t even know how to set up links! And I had always considered myself to be a technical person !

I had to spend hundreds of hours browsing through various YouTube tutorials, reading through various blogs and tutorials to tie all the knots and connect all the dots and get a functioning website or blog.

I wish there was a one stop shop of info for everything relating to starting a blog and getting out your first blog post and much more.

There were none then and there are none now.

None that will teach your everything for free.

People will ask you $199, $299, $399 for what I am about to teach you now for free.

I will teach you everything about

  • how to pick your niche
  • how to choose your domain name
  • choose your hosting company
  • install wordpress
  • install ssl certificate
  • create your own business email account
  • get a free awesome theme
  • design a simple yet beautiful website
  • design a simple logo
  • publish your first blog post and second post and third and much more
  • have all the necessary legal disclaimers and disclosures in place.
  • install all the necessary wordpress plugins – social media share buttons and others
  • use Pinterest to drive massive traffic
  • learn how to create awesome images for your posts, edit images and much more.
  • learn how to create awesome pins for Pinterest and drive massive traffic to your site
  • and so much more.

all for free


Selecting Your Niche

Niche means the topic that your blog or website would be about. It is the subject on which you would be writing contents on.

So how do I pick my niche. Its very simple –

  • Find out your interests – could be sports, running, health, parenting, childcare, technology, travelling, outdoor activities, event management, grooming, fashion, celeb gossips, current events, technology, so on.
  • Find out your hobbies.
  • Find out something that you are really good at- like you know the pain points and how to solve it. People love contents that solves their problems.

Here is one final tip –


When I first started my blog OutsideThatCubicle I was only writing about search engine evaluation. It’s because I was a search engine evaluator then (I still am) and I knew the ins and outs of that work. I was an expert at it, knew everything about it and hence I was writing about it.

After writing about it for quite some time, I have now branched out to some other related topics like make money online, bitcoins, and now, I am also branching out to blogging, creating courses and so on.

Imagine if I had kept my domain name as I would have ran out of content ideas by now. More on domain name later on.

Thank goodness, I kept my domain name a bit broad to accommodate contents on other related topics later on.

Choosing your domain name

Domain name is the name of your website or blog.

The domain name of this website is “” The domain name of Facebook is “

Here are my tips in choosing a domain name –

  • Don’t be too specific. If your domain name is ““, how many blog posts can you write on Samsung phones under $300? Hardly few right. On the other hand if you keep your domain name as “” it is quite narrow but not as narrow as the former. You can write hundreds of content about it and rank it well in Google.
  • Don’t be too broad.
  • Keep it short if possible. If you can find a one word domain name, lucky you.
  • Make it easy for people to remember it.

One final tip.

Domain name has nothing to do with your posts ranking in Google search.

If you search “search engine evaluator exam” in Google, you will see my website ranking at the top.

My website’s name has no relation whatsoever with the keyword “search engine evaluator exam but my site is ranking for that keyword.

So don’t worry about finding a perfect domain name that matches your passion, hobby or interests.

You can even have your own name as your domain name and write about making money online or blogging. Its perfectly fine. It will have no affect in generating traffic or ranking in Google search.

Moreover it is good for personal branding.

One final word.

Don’t over analyse domain name. Don’t overthink it. Just pick a name and go with it. If you want to rename your website, you can do it later on. So many people renames their websites later on.

So don’t overthink it. Just pick something and go with it.

You might want to pick at least three domain names because sometimes we cannot find the domain names – they are already taken by others.

Choosing Your Hosting Company

To host your domain (your website), we need a hosting company.

There are several hosting companies like Siteground, Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy and so on.

I use Siteground. The reason being –

  • 24*7 Awesome customer support.
  • Extremely fast website (which means better ranking in Google)
  • Cheaper than others.

I was with Bluehost before, my site speed score was D in speed testing site GTMetrix. After switching to Siteground it scores “B” now, which is much better.

Had a bad experience with Bluehost.

I have used Hostgator, GoDaddy as well. Customer support of Hostgator is fine, but their sites loads slow.

I have found Siteground to be the best.

Even though I had already paid up Bluehost for 3 years for the hosting package until 2022, I switched to Siteground. And I am extremely happy I did that.

Llick on the link below to get almost 70% off on your hosting plan with Siteground.

You will be taken to a new tab, keep it open.



Make Your Blog Live Online in 5 minutes

Before watching the video, make sure to click on the above Siteground link above or here to claim the offer.

Now you are ready to take your blog live in 5 mins.

Watch it here.


Installing SSL, Theme, creating your first blog post

After making our website go live under 5 mins, we now secure our site by installing the free SSL certficate that comes along with this package.

We also be installing a free wordpress theme, publishing our first blog post, categorizing it, adding tags, setting featured images, taking care of onsite SEO and much more.

Watch the video for step by step instructions.



Installing some essential plugins, designing menus, taking care of sidebars, setting footers, legal disclosures and so much more.

Watch the video and follow the instructions step by step.

Setting up your business email account, setting up contact form –

This tutorial will teach you how to create your own business email and set up a contact form on your website.

Learn how to set up FaveIcon, Logo, Configure social media share buttons & add legal disclosure.

To design logo, faveicon or to edit any images, I use PicMonkey.

Check it out here




More Configurations


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The author has been an active Google Rater and a location-independent blogger since June 2016. I like anything that frees one from corporate slavery, 9-5 grind, soul-sucking and dream crashing routine.

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