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Social Media Evaluator – What is it?

Social media evaluators are people who give their opinions on how relevant or useful the sponsored ads or paid ads that appear in their Facebook news feed are to them.

And the cool thing is that, you can be a social media evaluator too! Won’t it be great to get paid to give your opinion on ads that you see on your Facebook wall? It is if you ask me. Especially when you are paid $7  ( $13.5 for Americans) an hour.

Social Media Evaluator – The Why?

Do you ever wonder how many hours you spend on Facebook viewing others’ post, liking, sharing, reacting, just sliding down and down, and achieving really nothing?

According to New York Times, in the first quarter of 2016, an average American spent over fifty minutes of each waking day on Facebook!

Now that may not sound like a lot at a first glance.

Let’s break that down a little bit here, shall we?

An average person spends about eight hours sleeping, which leaves us with sixteen hours of waking time. If we spend fifty minutes on Facebook it means that 1/6th of a person’s waking hours are spent on Facebook! Damn. That’s a lot time being wasted.

If you’d ask me, I used to spend over 2-3 hours every day on Facebook without even realizing it. It was only after I started tracking my time spent on websites, with an awesome Chrome extension called  RescueTime, that I realized how much time was I wasting on things that doesn’t really matter to me.

Two hour for 365 days equals thirty days. That’s thirty freaking days, a month spent, wasted, and squandered on Facebook!

Hell one can set up a business in thirty days even in India these days!

Let’s be honest here for a moment right? What do we really see on Facebook? A hot chick with thousand likes, a happy couple with their cute son or daughter, someone partying in the pool with bikini girls, a friend flashing his new Mustang, yada yada.

What we don’t see is the fact that, that hot chick needs fake likes on Facebook to feel liked and loved, that happy couple is fighting all the time, that guy with many chicks around him is a loser, that guy with Mustang is just trying to keep up with the Joneses and is heavily in debt. And we feel miserable seeing those pics.

We don’t need to feel miserable thinking about how great others’ lives are. It ain’t their reality. Reality is often the opposite.

Alright enough of my blabbers and jabbers. Let’s cut to the point here.

While it is impossible to get rid of Facebook entirely from our lives, it is possible to make money from it while we are at it, by simply giving opinions on paid or sponsored ads that we see on our news feed. And I am going to show you how to do it.

Social Media Evaluator – Where to work?

I know of two companies that are hiring for Social Media Evaluators as I write this –

What do I recommend?

I have worked for Appen Butler Hill in various small projects and this is what I have to say about them –

  • The interface where we have to work and submit the tasks isn’t smooth and user friendly.
  • Pay is less as we Indians are paid in Australian Dollars which is much less compared to US Dollars.

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy working with them . I still get invited to work for various tasks from time to time though.

So what do I recommend?



I currently work with them and their user interface is fantastic. What is great about working as a social media evaluator with them is that they are trying to migrate rating of Facebook ads from Deskop or Laptop to mobile phones. I think this is a fantastic step that they have taken considering the fact that 56% of Facebook users log in to Facebook only through mobile devices.

Moreover, the support that one receives in Leapforce community and from the admins themselves, is outstanding to say the least.

Checklists – 

Before working as a social media evaluator, ensure that you satisfy the following criteria –

  • Have a an active Facebook account.
  • Have at least fifty friends on Facebook.
  • Be able to give coherent opinion in good English.
  • Be able to work at least five days a weak for an hour each day that you work.

That’s it. That’s all that is required to be a social media evaluator with Leapforce.

Application and Exam Qualification. 

You can apply for a position of social media evaluator by clicking on the link below –


Once you click on the link above, you will be taken to the application page. Now if you don’t see a position for Social Media Evaluator, don’t worry. Just apply for whatever position you see is available. You will most likely see a position for Search Engine Evaluator. Apply for it anyways.

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Now you may be wondering as to why I am saying this. I get it. Let me explain.

When I first applied for a position for Search Engine Evaluator, I didn’t know that I could also work as Social Media Evaluator. So I applied for Search Engine Evaluator anyways and once inside, I got an opportunity to take the qualification test for Social Media Evaluator. I finished the exam in few days’ time and started working after about a week.

You may or may not see the position for Social Media Evaluator. If you see it, it is great, if not, don’t worry. Just apply or whatever position there is. Once inside there are multiple projects that you can work on and make good money from.

I have see my American counterparts qualifying for as many as seven projects !

How Tough is the Qualification Exam?

Compared to the test for Search Engine Evaluator, exam for this position is easy. There is nothing fancy, no mathematical formulae or some complex aptitude test.

They will provided you with a .pdf file containing some general guidelines. Trust me, it is the easiest qualification exam in Leapforce.

After Exam 

Once you pass the exam, they will notify you with an email that you’ve passed the exam. Then they will add you to their rating platform. It takes about a week you to be added to their rating platform.

How many hours can I work?

Currently, a Social Media Evaluator can work only an hour a day for at least five days a week. You can work for seven days if you like, but you have to maintain at least five days’ work per week.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate is the same as the position of Search Engine Evaluator although the work is much easier.

  • $7 an hour for India and other third world countries.
  • $13.5 for Americans.


That my friend was a complete information on Social Media Evaluator job. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments. If you haven’t already signed up yet, sign up below –

Social Media Evaluator