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In the previous post I discussed how you can be a Search Engine Evaluator making over $13 per hour if you’re based in US or other European countries.  And if you’re based in India or other third world countries, you could still make $7 an hour, which is much better than working night shifts in an MNC in Gurgaon or Bangalore.

Update 3rd Dec 2018 – The current pay rate after Leapforce’s acquisition by Appen has been reduced for all countries. For Indians, they pay $3/hr now and for Americans they pay like $9/hr.

If you had already sign up with Leapforce, you are already half way through. If you haven’t yet, sign up below –



If you click on the link above, you will be taken to the website of and there would be an option to select your country and language. It should look like this –

Update – After its acquisition by Appen, the sign up page above will look exactly the same but instead of Leapforce, you will see “Apppen” there. 

Select your country and language.  And proceed accordingly.

You will be required to submit a professional CV and once selected, an ID card of your country of residence has to be submitted as well. If you’re an Indian, you’ll have to submit a copy of your PAN Card.

Once you have applied for any available position in Leapforce, they will send you a study material. Now since there are various projects available for different countries, the study material may vary depending on the project available and what you’ve applied for.

I’m going to discuss about the position of Search Engine Evaluator here as it is the most available project across various countries, and the best project of Leapforce.



Before you apply for a position to be a Search Engine Evaluator, make sure that you satisfy the following conditions –

  • Be a highly active user of Google’s Search Engine and other products.
  • Have a Gmail account with web history turned on.
  • Use Google Play at least once per week.
  • Use Google+ more than once a month.
  • Have a Payoneer account to get paid by them. Earlier they used to pay via Western Union, now they pay via Payoneer. Sign up here and get $25 bonus once you are paid $1000 by Appen.


N.B. Search Engine Evaluation position is no longer available in Leapforce for US citizens. It has moved to a completely new platform called Raterlabs which is managed by current employees of Leapforce. Social media evaluation for Americans is still there in Leapforce though. And as of December 2017, Leapforce has itself being acquired by Appen.


Once you have applied for a position to be a Search Engine Evaluator, you will be provided with a study material. The study material is a 147 page PDF file which is all that you need to crack this exam. The concepts discussed here may be a bit intimidating to people who aren’t so familiar with Google Searches and doesn’t have a little bit of knowledge of internet, but other than that it is nothing technical that requires mathematical or programming skills.

Once you receive the study material, you will have seven days to study it, and your exam will take place after a week over the next seven days. Hence the qualification process can take about fourteen days. The best part is that results are instantaneously known except for the last part of the exam.

Remember, exams are scheduled according to Pacific Standard Time (PST). So those of you who aren’t US citizens, be careful to plan according to PST.


You have seven days to finish the exam. You don’t have to sit down and finish the exam at one go though. Moreover, there are three components of exam which we will discuss in depth later.



There are three components of it –

  • A theoretical component.
  • Practical component taken in desktop or laptop.
  • Practical component that requires a smartphone.

The theoretical component of the exam consists of questions which are based on the study material provided by Leapforce. Many people find it easy to pass the first part while some can’t even go through the first part. For some, it is the easiest part of the exam, while others find it extremely hard to understand the concepts discussed in the guidelines, let alone appear for the exams.

Once you have cracked the first part of the exam, you will have to pass the practical component of the exam. The first part of the practical component of the exam is the application of the concepts and theories discussed in the first part of the study material.

The third part of the exam is a practical component that requires one to have a smartphone with Android or iOS. Windows phones aren’t supported. Now this may sound a bit intimidating to you, but trust me it is not. The instructions that you will receive are awesome and makes appearing for exam a breeze. But make no mistake in assuming that the exam itself is easy. It ain’t!


Simple ! Work your butt off  for a week ! That’s it.

Some people complain that Leapforce doesn’t pay one during study or exam preparation. Are you serious bro? Hell, what about the three years that you spent in a college that did’t or couldn’t guarantee a job after you’re done with it? What about the loan that you took to get a degree that has no relevance to the reality of life?

You don’t need student loan to get study materials here. It’s for free unlike your college degree.

You might wanna study each day for at least two hours so that you can refresh your concepts right before your exam. Once your exam starts, you can always refer back to the PDF material that you get from them.

Even during the first part of the exam, you can refer back to the PDF guidelines. The best part is, it is an open book exam.

Here is an ultimate guide on how to crack this exam.



Absolutely ! Hey I failed on my first attempt. The last part of the exam got me. I thought I had it, but turned out I couldn’t make it on my first attempt.

If you don’t study the study material i.e. the 160 page PDF guidelines, you are sure to fail. 100% guaranteed. That’s the reason why Leapforce says at the very beginning that this is a tough exam. It ain’t easy. And trust me it isn’t.

However, if you study it thoroughly and religiously for at least a week, nothing can stop you from cracking this exam.

But the reality is, some people are’t cut for this job. No matter how many times they try, they can’t just make it. And that’s the reality of this exam.


You may be given a one time chance to retake the exam.

Good Luck with your exam. I am excited to hear back from you. If you have any questions, please comment below.


P.S. Don’t ask me answers for questions of any part of the exam. I won’t give that out. That’s called cheating and cheating only cheats you.


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