Fighting demons, running for my heart and hitting $1500+ or 1 lakh+ per month

Fighting demons, running for my heart and hitting $1500+ or 1 lakh+ per month

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We all got demons inside us.

Demons that are as bad as the ones in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Demons as bad as the ones in 1920 (Bollywood).

Except that there is no Our Heavenly Father or Hanuman Chalisa to exorcised those out of us. They dwell in us, sometimes in the background, sometimes in the driver’s seat.

We are alone, weak, beat and tired to death of these demons. Yet, we have to live with them, fight against them, because without them we can’t really be who want to be. We are who we are due to demons inside of us. Demons inside us and our lonely battles with them make us who we are.

Demon 1 – Laziness:

If you are working from home, it is great to able to say that you are “boss free”

But being boss free is not as awesome as it sounds. Because being boss-free makes you accountability-free. You are no longer accountable to anyone. You can choose to either work or just sleep. You can choose to either grind it out or just party hard.

Because you see, motivation is crap. It is never there when we need it. We are not always motivated to do something despite us knowing that we got to do it. We know that we got to run for a healthy heart and fit body, we know that we have to do a side hustle to make an extra money, we know that we have to write blog post to bring in traffic, but we don’t.

Because motivation doesn’t come by just like that. It is never there when we need it the most.

I make $7 per hour with Leapforce/Appen. Everyone knows what I do, I have been blogging about it for years now.

$7/hour is great for Indians. If I work just 160 hours per month, which is the normal monthly working hours for every employee; it gives me $1120 or approximately  Rs 77,000+. It is a great income for an average Indian.

If you see my past income reports here, you would see that I could never even make $1000. I worked less than a normal employee every month when I could have worked twice as hard.

It is because I was not motivated, I was lazy, I was fucking lazy.

How I fought it?

It started with a change in my mindset. The change in my mindset started by listening to a lot of hard working and successful people in YouTube.

Here are some of the amazing interviews and videos of people that I follow these days. They are not motivational speakers, trust me. I hate people whose careers are motivational speaking. I like people who achieve something, and then began speaking about success, work ethics and life. They are worth listening to.

Here are some of the people that I listen to almost daily –

Credits – The credit for this video goes to MulliganBrothers 

The guy doing the most talking here is Gary Vee.

He is not liked by everyone, swears a lot, but is extremely inspiring. Took his father’s liquor business from $3 million to $60 million in revenue.

He owns Vayner Media, is a multiple times New York Times bestseller and has an estimated network of $160 million.

The guy is simply awesome.


Another awesome personality that I follow is Tom Bilyeu. The same guy above who interviewed Gary Vee. Built a billion dollar supplements industry called “Quest Nutrition” and has YouTube channel called “Impact Theory” where he interviews extremely successful people like Tim Ferris, Mel Robbins and so on.

Here is one of his videos.

Credits: Impact Theory

You better subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Another person that I follow is “Elon Musk” This guy is the living IronMan. It is no wonder that the character of IronMan was inspired by him and the shooting for some IronMan scenes were done in his SpaceX company.

Here is one of my favorite videos of Elon Musk.

Credits – Motivation Archive.

The video above always tears me up. Its just awesome.

I also purchased Mi Fitness Band and $100 + Nike running shoes. I made it a point to  run at least a mile thrice a week. Everyday I reached new milestones in terms of distance covered, every day I pushed myself and it had an proportionate effect in terms of mitigating my laziness.

Trust me, it made a huge difference to me, both mentally and physically.

Demon 2 – Loneliness and Depression

I stayed alone in Delhi. Being single for a long, long time now. It sucks sometimes. The fact that I am an introvert makes things even worse. Add working from home to that. You rarely meet new people.

Though I got friends and family living near by, I still felt lonely because no one gets what you are doing. They know that I work online, but, at a deeper level, you wouldn’t feel connected you see.

I feel like I got no friends and I still do feel that way.

It sucks.

I was really depressed at one point of time.

How I fought it?

I was living in a 1 BHK apartment in DDA Flats in Delhi. I had some really helpful and good friends out there. But I just felt lonely inside.

I opened “MakeMyTrip” and just booked a one way ticket to home. I came home on March 2018 and am still here.

It is not like I have many friends now, I still am without friends to be honest. It is just that, home is home, no matter how bad your home is.

I rarely came home. I was once away from home for like 3+ years.

Coming home and staying here for almost a year now has been quite good.

If you are staying alone and feeling lonely, may be you should just book a one way ticket home. Perhaps it is your siblings that you need around you, perhaps its your mom and dad that you are missing, deep down.

Demon 3 – Average of five people

An American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said –

“We are the average of five people that we spend the most time with”

My income, which was anywhere between $700 – $900 per month, was the average of the incomes of the five people that I spent the most time with.

We are who we are because of our surroundings. We dress like our closest friends, we talk like them, we watch the same movies, the same series, play the same games (PUBG?), listen to the same song….

We literally, are a product of influences.

About the monthly income thing, just look at how much you earned last month. Now think of how much your five closest friends are making per month. Your income will most likely be the average of five of your closest friends’ incomes.

Don’t believe me? Don’t ! Just make a quick calculation and see for yourself.

How I fought it?

By coming home and isolating myself from people whose dreams are just to be employees and nothing else in life, I kind of got away from the circle of influences of my closest friends, although it made me kinda loner again.

I do like them, but sometimes you to associate yourself with people are earning much more than you are.

So did I associate myself with people who are millionaires? Kind of. Not in person though.

But whatever it takes, whether through skype or email or whatever, I want to be associating myself with people who are smarter and richer than me, people who are millionaires.

I used the same videos above that I used in my goal to fight laziness.

Guess what I ended up hitting $2007 in a single month i.e. 1,40,000 Rs.

$2007 a month is a big money for me. More on that later.


Demon 4 : PMO – Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm 

This is embarrassing, really really embarrassing. Since I had always put my reader ahead of my own reputation, I am willing to share this here. I had always believed in honesty and transparency of this blog.

This took me the longest time to type out, but to hell to my reputation if it benefits my readers. Just leave comments below if you liked my honesty.

Being lonely makes you wanna do something to release your energy. Being introvert makes you not wanna go out and mingle. Working from home is another solid excuse to not go out and stay put inside your room.

Work from home + Introvert Personality + Loneliness + Single ===>> Perfect recipe for porn, masturbation and orgasm.

PMO has been a struggle for me, and as I researched more about it, it finally dawned on to me that perhaps, I was just being lazy due to it. And being lazy cost me money as I couldn’t earn enough.

Perhaps I was being unmotivated due to it, perhaps I didn’t have enough will-power and self-control because of it.

Looking back, it feels as though I have wasted too much time and energy on it.


How I fought it?

It is not like I have won the battle. I am still fighting it.

Here is how I am doing it –

  • Waking up early and going for a run.
  • Enabling safesearch in Chrome and everywhere.
  • Reading through NoFap subreddits.
  • Watching YouTube videos on PMO.
  • No Instagram. ( Instagram is the new porn).
  • Starting a NoFap challenge (No Fap means no porn or masturbation).
  • Finding an accountability partner in reddit and constantly chatting with him.

Here is a great video about PMO that I came across –

Credits: Improvement Pill

I came across this case study. It is worth reading. Really awesome content.

Here –



Here are some awesome NoFap subreddits  that I am following.


So how did fighting these demons help me make over 1 lakh or $2000+ per month?

Fighting laziness has an inverse consequence. And that is action.

Though I didn’t post often here on my blog, I was working like hell in Leapforce/Appen.

I wanted to have that feeling of making 1 lakh+ per month. Never made that much money my entire life.

So I shut my self up, locked myself in and just kept on working.

I was working like hell. I always remembered Elon Musk’s words –

“Work like hell. If others are putting in 40 hours work week, you put in 80-90 hours work week, every week”

That, coming from a billionaire, who has done it all, seen it all; just kept ringing in my head.

I started making 1 lakh+ in the month of  September 2018. I got paid $1503.83 on that month.

The next month I made $1571.71

In November I got paid $2007.03. December I got paid $1436.23 ( still above 1 lakh).

January was a bit less as I was busy with Christmas at home and other stuffs.

Payment proof of Leapforce/Appen:

Previously we used to be paid via Western Union. And I couldn’t post a screenshot of our payments as we are explicitly prohibited from doing so.

But since the acquisition of Leapforce by Appen, they have transitioned the payment method from Western Union to Payoneer.

We got paid via Payoneer since October. Here is a screenshot from my Payoneer dashboard.

Note that all the amounts are $3 less than the amount mentioned above. It is because Payoneer takes $3 load fee for every transaction from Appen/Leapforce.

Note that all payments are from Appen because Leapforce is now Appen after its acquisition by the former.

Below is a screenshot of the transactions in my Payoneer account since Appen started paying us via Payoneer.


Leapforce/Appen payment proof

If the screenshot above is not so clear, download the image first and then view after zooming in.

To prove that its real, I even showed the link from where I took the screenshot. Look at the url from where I took the screenshot.

Once you are inside your Payoneer transactions page (which is under Activities menu), you can click on “print” button.

A pop up in a new window will appear which will ask you to either “save” or “cancel”. Click cancel, and you can zoom in on the page like above.

After zooming in, you can take your screenshot. That’s how I did to keep all the links from Payoneer and everything.

Finding that screenshot too good to be true? Here is a video of me logging in to my Payoneer account and showing you all the payments I received via Appen.


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Sam Narzary

The author has been an active Google Rater and a location-independent blogger since June 2016. I like anything that frees one from corporate slavery, 9-5 grind, soul-sucking and dream crashing routine.

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  1. on a normal day how many hours are you allowed to work, I saw it’s 4hrs on appen, but based on your salary you should have worked more than 4hr everyday, isn’t that right?

    1. You can work as much as you want as long as there tasks available and you maintain quality work. There days when I worked for like 12/13 hours. So yeah..

      1. appreciate you addressing the PMO, depression issues most of the 21st century workers suffers, and speaking about this shows how strong and brave you are, most of the people can’t handle and our society still has backwards stance against these issues, our generation has the power and resources to change this and you are doing it and it’s nice to see one person taking control of their own life . Your blog is very uplifting and reading your articles keeps people like us to work hard no matter where you live. keep up the good work bro! and ‘keep it stupid simple’.

        1. Thank you Abhijith. Appreciate the kind words.
          I am glad that my articles are resonating with people. Its good to know.

  2. Hi Sam, I am regular reader of yiur post since past 1 month. You are truely an inspiration for me specially i can relate very well to your personel experience. I have stayed in DDA kalkaji as well for 3 years while doing 24/7 cubicle grind, i also faced similar challenges being introvert exactly same experience from loneliness to POM.
    I came back to my hometown and have similar aspirations specifically breaking the bondage of 9 to 5.
    Unfortunately I Failed all attempts for the position of SEE in Appen and qualified for Social Media Evaluator. As far as lion bridge is concerned i failed in part 3 yesterday and pray for a retake opportunity. I have few doubts regarding Part 3 of the exam and would be grateful if you can provide with sone examples of needs met part.
    Selecting dupes is more of a concern to me. Specially when result block is SCRB and landing page of both results of have minor differences.
    One last thing i am worried about is after submitting all documents of ad assesor job at appen, i recieved an email from support desk confirming my name and address after submitting that i got a thanks mail stating Its under review its been 4 days i haven’t heard from them, is it cause of a worry? I badly need these kinds of job as they suits ny personality. Your assistance in this regard will be life saving. Wish yiu very best in your persuit, from your blog i can ascertain you are a changed man now with lots of positive developments in last 4 months. Cheers!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Vicky. Glad that this post resonates with you.

      Here is an answer to your question right from the GG ” Please mark two results
      as dupes if they have essentially the same content on the main landing page AND you would not want a search engine to
      return both results for the query

      Tip – Minor differences between two LP doesn’t matter. Minor differences in SCRBs also doesn’t matter.

      Are you sure, you failed it because of dupes? Could be something else.

      I discuss this and others in my course here.
      I don’t give out answers to exam questions though.

      Check out the course

      And don’t worry about not hearing back from them. Your documents are safe with them. It can take anywhere from few days to few months to hear back from them.

  3. Are you still getting 7$ an hour working for leapforce?

    1. Yes. The new raters aren’t. We are still getting $7/hr though.

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