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Announcement for US candidates

Announcement for US candidates

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In early June 2017, Leapforce made an important annoucement for evaluators from USA. Since I get a lot of traffic from USA, I am going to outline it here.

The announcement being –

  • Search Engine Evaluation will be moved from Leapforce to Raterlabs.
  • Social Media Evaluation will stay in Leapforce.
  • An evaluator can either work with Leapforce or Raterlabs, not for both at the same time.
  • Over 99% of American evaluators from Leapforce moved to Raterlabs.
  • American evaluators in Raterlabs will no more be called independent contractors. They will be considered part-time employees (with benefits*).
  • They can work for a maximum of 26 hours per week unless otherwise specified.

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