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Quora Post to Leapforce : Story of a Software Developer.


A couple of days ago, a reader of my blog reached out to me in Linkedin to thank me for sharing this information regarding Search Engine Evaluator and Social Media Evaluator. He happened to see this post of mine on Quora (How-can-we-earn-by-Facebook) and came to know about search engine evaluator and social media evaluator.

Over 1/2 a MILLION people have read that post, thousands signed up for Leapforce, hundreds have gone on to qualify and few remembered me, like this gentleman that I am talking of today.

The sole purpose of this website was to help people by recommending genuine money making methods, and not writing crap about some survey sites. I feel good when people reach out to me. It makes me happy that my blog is really helping people, however small that may be.


I thank Pawan Mishra for this awesome conversation. He is a software developer based in Bengaluru. He is an aspiring entrepreneur, into drop shipping business while working with Leapforce as well.

Enjoy this conversation –


  • Tell the audience about yourself, personal life and professional career.

Pawan – Hello everyone, I am Pawan Mishra and I am from Gorakhpur city of eastern Uttar Pradesh. I am 24 years old, currently living in Bengaluru. And an aspiring location-independent entrepreneur. Professionally, I am a software developer in a TTL (Travel, transport and Logistic) domain company. But that is my 9-5 life.

I have been diversifying my income since last one year. I started working as a social media manager. I used the income from it and got ad sense certified and used the experience to get my job for social media branding of a company via LinkedIn. I am responsible for content writing and ad budget management for that company.

Apart from this, I have invested in various crypto currencies and have earned enough profit from it.

Recently, I have cracked the search engine evaluator exam and have been working on it since last 2 weeks. Also, I have made my entry in to dropshipping e-commerce business model and made my first profit this year. I hope, more is yet to come.

  • You mentioned dropshipping e-commerce business model. Could you elaborate a little on that?

Pawan – It is a business model followed by Amazon i.e. you can also sell the products you actually don’t own. All you need to do is set up a website and use the power of Facebook , Instagram ads, AdSense etc. to attract customers. You have to decide the best strategy for target audience, product you want to sell, and ad-budget. Here AliExpress and Shopify like website will handle most of the process.

Pawan – Around one year back, I was trying hard to manage my finances, pay credit card bills due to my low paying job that I had landed in due to my tier 3 engineering college degree. I got to know about search engine evaluator job from one of Sam’s post on Quora and I checked his blog, and everything has been different since then.

  • What was your first job with Leapforce, was it social media evaluator or a search engine evaluator?

Pawan – My first job with Leapforce was Social Media Evaluator, I am still working as the same since last 6 months and also as my contract got renewed for 6 more month.

  • How easy or tough was the qualification exam? Please elaborate.

Pawan – I have been following Sam’s blog for all information related to the exam. So, I knew for sure, that the exam is not going to be easy. As soon as I got the exam date, I started reading the guideline document from day one. I easily cleared the first part of exam that consists of MCQs, but the real exam starts after that. The second and third part required good understanding of guidelines and I was confused on every second question. Being scared and in do or die situation, I followed the guidelines thoroughly and passed the exam.

  • I couldn’t clear the search engine evaluator exam on my first attempt. I cleared it on my second attempt. How about you?

Pawan –  I cleared the exam in my first attempt. Follow the guideline document and don’t think too much on a question is the key.

  • How many months did you have to wait before hearing back from Leapforce?

Pawan – I had registered on Leapforce in Feb 2017 and got my first project as social Media Evaluator in July 2017.So, my wait period was 5 months (Good things need Patience).

  • How much have you earned with Leapforce so far? What was your lowest income and the highest one?

Pawan – In my Leapforce journey as Social Media Evaluator, I have earned $1080 in total till now as social media evaluator which will be equivalent to approximately Rs 67,000. My lowest income was $49 as I had worked just for 7 hrs in July,17 due to my relocation to Bengaluru. I got my highest income as $217(social media evaluator).

  • Describe your experience with Leapforce so far.

Pawan – Since my first day, Leapforce never let me down – be it support, payment or any kind of information related query. They will evaluate your task and kick you out if your work is substandard, this is not a joke or an easy money. Usually, if I have any query, I put a mail to Leapforce support before sleeping and I get my answer the very next day.

  • Would you like to share your LinkedIn profile with my readers?


  • Any last words.

Pawan – Coming years is going to be technology and internet driven, be a part of it, and take advantage of it. Blockchain, data analysis, machine learning, voice search, freelancing is going to be future.

Success comes with a price – be it less social life, no weekend parties, less home visits and sleepless nights. I am getting my share of it and to be frank, it is really depressing sometimes. I still have to convince my parents that whatever is it that I am doing is totally awesome and I could soon leave my 9-5 job.

At last, I am really thankful to Sam for this blog ( as he is my first virtual mentor even without his knowledge. I got knowledge worth thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours internet research time from this blog.

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